Friday, 17 May 2019

My Favourite Old Hollywood Couple

(Disclaimer: All photo's above sourced from Tumblr)

Dearest Old Hollywood fans, today is your day. Today is all about glitz and glamour from the most perfect icon in the world, her name is Lauren Bacall and if you have been following my blog and my Instagram for a while you will know that I absolutely adore Lauren and think she is such (in the words of my late Grandma Betty) a glamour girl. She is such a inspiration and I found the most amazing photos (see above) and I am in love with them. Their style is everything and I wanted to bring them back on here and I also want to also get back into the 1950's posts as that what Lottie's Lott was all about and that is what got me into blogging. 

Lottie x



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