Saturday, 8 June 2019

A New Lease Of Life

I don't know what it is, but the past few days I have felt incredibly lost for words. I feel like I have lost all my inspiration, my creative energy to write, my true passion of my love for vintage, fashion and Old Hollywood Stars. I keep thinking to myself  'Lottie, what is going on?' You need to snap out of it and get back into the game'. I guess that is easier said that done but you just have to keep going despite the fact that it can be very hard to stop comparing yourselves to other bloggers. I love reading blogs, I always have. I always will, but sometimes, just sometimes you can question yourself and that little voice instead your head returns to haunt you all day long. The best way I find to be inspired again and to only focus on yourself is to look back at old blog posts, remember the reason why you created your blog and even perhaps scroll through Tumblr/Pinterest for a whole lot of inspiration.

What I have been doing recently is just looking through pictures of Marilyn, Audrey and Lauren. If you have been following me all this time you would know that these three Old Hollywood Stars and my idols, I adore them, I always have and I always will. Even after writing this, I feel 10 times better in myself and my mind is just flowing with ideas that I must write down.. now! 

I took these blog photos last weekend, that is right I wanted to experiment in taking outfit photos so I grabbed my phone and  hey presto I was in luck.This is also one of my favourite kind of outfits at the moment too. Sometimes all you need is A New Lease Of Life and then you become yourself again. 

Lottie x


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