Monday, 22 July 2019

Reflecting On July

It's been a while since I sat down and typed about how my month has been and how I've been feeling. The thing I have realised in these Reflecting On My Month' posts is how great they are to look back on and in some ways they are great to develop and learn new things about yourself. Sometimes this posts can be so detailed and I'm ready to spill the contents of my head into this blog space again but other days I prefer too not ramble and just share what it is going on. So here we are nearly into August and how it is frightening how fast Summer is going. I wish Summer could stay forever and I could wear all the pretty dresses in the world and go on as many holidays.. (Can I we talk about this photo of myself on my holiday nearly a year ago in the gorgeous Crete! The weather was beautiful.

My mind has been occupied with work, fitness - eating healthy and exercising before  I jet off to Cape Verde, and let me tell you my friends it truly isn't that long at all now! 8 days left and I'm counting.. a week in Cape Verde (the place where stress doesn't occur) where it feels like Summer and you spent your days by the beach, in the sea and eating so much food everyday. It sounds bliss doesn't it? One of my goals to achieve by the end of the year is getting a camera so I can start making videos, taking different kind of photos rather than the bog standard same old selfie. I really want to experiment more on my photography and perhaps try out a IGTV video or two. I have seen one which I rather do like from John Lewis but yes that is something I won't be getting yet but towards the end of 2017 I would like to start developing into the world of IGTV. 

I have seen a huge drop in my likes/followers on Instagram and because of the algorithm it really has effected my posts. I don't really talk a lot on my blog about this as it never really used to bother me until now. Instagram, is never about the likes or followers but its nice to see that people care and enjoy the posts that you share on your feed. As always, to my readers and to my followers on my Instagram, Twitter and BlogLovin' thank you for always supporting me and following my journey. 

Lottie x


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