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When seasons change it is the perfect opportunity to give your makeup bag a new lease of life and this Summer I have been absolutely loving the more glowy and natural finish to my makeup. As I have just been away I haven't actually done a beauty post quite like this before and it has always been something that I have wanted to do for a while now. I also wanted to add these products I only used on an evening whilst away as I was in a hot country and I don't tend to wear make up when I was by the beach every day so it was great being able to apply all of these on an evening and really get that Cape Verderian glow.

After moisturising my face, I like to apply a hydrating primer that gives my skin an added glow which gives my skin a boost before applying foundation/concealer. I love to use the use the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow which gives my skin an instant pick-me-up and a great way base to start your makeup off. I have been using this primer for a few months now and I really love it. I love the dewy look it leaves my skin and it looks effortless! It is quite expensive and it is a product I really did research into before buying because it is quite expensive but like a lot of Charlotte's products that I are not just used for one thing. 

For foundation I have been loving the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation as it is medium-full coverage and leaves my skin feeling flawless and natural at the same time. It is also oil-free foundation which is amazing if you have oily skin. I would 100% recommend and they have so many shades to choose from. I always buy mine from Cult Beauty or Debenhams website as no one wants to pay for customs or even shipping! I get the shade Swan which is the lightest shade they do, I have very pale skin so this works great for me! I like to mix this foundation in with the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter which I truly adore! Now the flawless filter is a complexion booster which I like to use it either on its own with no foundation at all if I really want barely any coverage but such a glowy skin or you can wear it on top of your foundation when gives you a natural glow and makes it look like your wearing a mega-watt glow of a highlighter. It gives your a face a digital filter. I absolutely love it and even have my sister wearing it! You can of course add a bit of powder just in case you don't want your face looking so glowy but it honestly is my dream product! 

Next up is another Charlotte Tilbury product however I am sorry that I am featuring quite a lot of her things however this is the year I have really thought about Charlotte's make up products and looked at my own skin type/what kind of coverage I like and what kind of look I like and thought do you know what Charlotte just seems to tick all the boxes! This product was something I order next day delivery just after I finished work on the Wednesday before I went away and it came the day after when I was getting my nails done in Leeds. I waited till payday and it was a little holiday treat! Can you guess by the photos? It is the Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette in light gasm and I absolutely love it. So I bought the day before we went away as I had been looking online and could not decide whether to buy it or not as I was after a glow face palette but was not really sure if I just wanted to pay £60 for it. Well I got it in the end and took it away with me and it was the best thing ever! Charlotte's products are all unique and flawless in their own way and she just nails it every time! The palette has everything you need and was an absolute winner for me.

However the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow does the job aswell and it is a lot cheaper! I actually bought another one of this palette's as I used it the first time last summer and fell in love with it. I love Too Faced and their sweet peach collection!

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