Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Lets Get Inspired By John Lennon I Style Inspiration Post

I am officially back with the style inspiration series I started on my blog 2 years ago. I loved doing these posts and really wanted to recreate them. So this is the first one of 2019 and here is one of my favourite icons of all time.. John Lennon. Now if you have been following me on for some time or even my Instagram you will already know that I am a huge Beatles fan, they are my absolute heroes and I can sit and play their music all day long. It took me a while to find some great photo's of John all thanks to Pinterest. 

Most recently I have been finding it so hard to blog purely because the majority of my time s taken up by work. I work full time and the only half day I get is a Wednesday afternoon so by the time I've been to the gym and got home I don't really feel like doing a lot apart from watching Youtube video's and forever scrolling on Instagram. I love watching IGTV and I get so much beauty, fashion and vintage inspiration on there. I would love to start doing those kind of video's and I'm getting a new phone soon too! Which will make a massive difference to my content.

I get inspired by so many different people, at the moment I am obsessed with John and what he wore as well as his music. Do you have a favourite beatle?

Lottie x


Sunday, 6 October 2019

Productive Weekends And A Stressful Week At Work I LIFESTYLE I

I cannot believe the weekend has pretty much come to and end and I love Sunday's but honestly hate that feeling of going back to work. I must say, last week at work was tough and that is not word I didn't think I would say. Term time is here for us and that means we have thousands of students starting university who want to register with us and students who are returning after the summer holidays. It has been so demanding and we also cater for patients who are residents as well which people of course are always wanting appointments so it never stops.

A busy week at work means that you really do treasure your weekends and I really did enjoy mine.
I went to hairdressers on Saturday and my hair stylist who is also called Charlotte has been cutting my hair for at least 2 years and she just knows what I like. Anyway, I told Charlotte I wanted to go short and she couldn't believe it! She was very excited by it all and just before we went to Cape Verde back in August, she chopped off my sister's hair and Fiona went really short actually shorter than mine but I was so obsessed with it. I wanted a change and honestly feel like a new woman!

I also love this outfit as well, if you have been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for some time you may have known that I have had this pinafore and it still is my favourite. It was from Topshop and I bought in the January sale but now I absolutely love wearing it with blouses like this one in the photo. This one is vintage but Bowler Vintage in York, do some amazing things and I am always finding some gorgeous treats in their.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and have a great week whatever you are doing!

Lottie x

Wednesday, 2 October 2019


I have always loved reading blog posts and watching YouTube video's of 'what's in my bag'. I love all types of bags. I love seeing other people's and it is always interesting to see what people have inside. Over a month ago I was given such a lovely satchel that I wanted to share with you and decided it was the perfect opportunity to do a 'what's in my bag' blog post.

I am pretty organised with the inside of my bag. I always take things out that I don't need or put things in the night before. If I have plenty of time in the morning I will also sort out my bag making sure I have everything I need for that day or week. 

New York Satchel
Let's begin with the satchel. My lovely Auntie treated me to this satchel. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It was from TK Max (which is unsual for me as I usually buy bags from Topshop) and actually really cheap than what it was. It was in the sale and it was the last one left. I actually have not used it yet I am waiting for Auturmn to come which will be here very soon! I know this is going to be a satchel that I am going to love and can use it all through Winter too! I tend to use bags for months and then I will change to a new one. This will be the perfect suede day to day satchel that will fit pretty much anything in!  


I'm a big fan of Topshop (who isn't)! Their accessorises are great. This was a giff and I have used it even since I got it. It is the perfect size for me and fits great in my satchel and any other handbag! It holds all my necessary items together and even has room to put old photos in. 


I always carry an umbrella around with me. You never know what the weather os going to be like in England. I bought this one from Next and it was not too expensive but pretty good value for a raining day. 

Tissues and hairbrush:

Tissues are great for anything even if you are not poorly! I always carry a hairbrush around with me; big or small. 

Soap and Glory: Peach Party Blusher

This is my favourite blusher. The colour goes well with my skin colour and hair. I also love the little bit of glitter in it too - h gives your cheeks a bit of shine. For £10:50 its a pretty great buy. I do not usually carry blusher in my bag as I fibd it stays out for the whole day! 

Soap and Glory: Powder

I do not use foundation. Whenever I tell people that they always find it strange! I do not get a lot of spots so I find concealer and powder is a great thing to use. The powder makes my concealer last for the whole day so I do not usually need to re apply. 

Mac Cosmetics Lipstick: Pink Plaid

This is the second pink plaid matte lipstick that I have. I had to rebuy it when the other one ran out. It looks great on my lips; I love pink lipsticks! It is a definite favourite of mine that is a bag necessary! You have to have a lipstick in your bag not just to add colour but incase you have had food/drink and you have to re apply. 

Topshop Lipstick: 

I always carry two lipsticks with me. Whether its two of the same shade or different. This topshop lipstick is a lovely light pink and looks great. It lasts a long time and you do not need to re apply much. I love how it keeps your lips from not getting dry.

Nivea Lipsyll:

For the those days when your lips need some tlc!

Accessorise Sunglasses Case:

I always have my case in my bag when the suns out. Stops my sunnies from getting stratched and marked. 

Bowler Vintage Sunglasses:

Love these sunglasses, they are the perfect shape and look great. I got two for £10. It was a great price!

Apple Head Phones:

They came with my Iphone and always have them in my bag. I'd be lost without them! 

Hair bobbles:

Incase of any hair emergencies!


Essential part of everything. I always need them! 

I hope you all enjoyed my first 'what's in my bag'.

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Happy 50 Years Abbey Road I THE BEATLES

Happy 50 years to one of the best Beatles's albums that ever existed 'Abbey Road'. It was released on 26th September 1969 (UK) and then in USA on 1st October 1969. I honestly think it is one of my top albums to be honest, all the songs are just incredible and I could listen to The Beatles's all day.

Here is a little bit of background information about Abbey Road itself, the album itself has two halves which represented a compromise. Lennon wanted a traditional release with distinct and unrelated songs which McCartney and Martin wanted to continue their thematic approach from Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by incorporating a medley. Lennon ultimately said that he disliked Abbey Road as a whole and felt that it lacked authenticity, calling McCartney's contributions (music) for the grannies to dig and not 'real songs'. Also describing the medley as 'junk.. just bits of songs thrown together. During the sessions, Lennon expressed a desire to have all of his songs on one side of the album, with McCartney's on the other side.

Despite this I still think this album is fabulous and will always enjoy listening to it.

Lottie x

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