Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Lets Get Inspired By John Lennon I Style Inspiration Post

I am officially back with the style inspiration series I started on my blog 2 years ago. I loved doing these posts and really wanted to recreate them. So this is the first one of 2019 and here is one of my favourite icons of all time.. John Lennon. Now if you have been following me on for some time or even my Instagram you will already know that I am a huge Beatles fan, they are my absolute heroes and I can sit and play their music all day long. It took me a while to find some great photo's of John all thanks to Pinterest. 

Most recently I have been finding it so hard to blog purely because the majority of my time s taken up by work. I work full time and the only half day I get is a Wednesday afternoon so by the time I've been to the gym and got home I don't really feel like doing a lot apart from watching Youtube video's and forever scrolling on Instagram. I love watching IGTV and I get so much beauty, fashion and vintage inspiration on there. I would love to start doing those kind of video's and I'm getting a new phone soon too! Which will make a massive difference to my content.

I get inspired by so many different people, at the moment I am obsessed with John and what he wore as well as his music. Do you have a favourite beatle?

Lottie x


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