Sunday, 6 October 2019

Productive Weekends And A Stressful Week At Work I LIFESTYLE I

I cannot believe the weekend has pretty much come to and end and I love Sunday's but honestly hate that feeling of going back to work. I must say, last week at work was tough and that is not word I didn't think I would say. Term time is here for us and that means we have thousands of students starting university who want to register with us and students who are returning after the summer holidays. It has been so demanding and we also cater for patients who are residents as well which people of course are always wanting appointments so it never stops.

A busy week at work means that you really do treasure your weekends and I really did enjoy mine.
I went to hairdressers on Saturday and my hair stylist who is also called Charlotte has been cutting my hair for at least 2 years and she just knows what I like. Anyway, I told Charlotte I wanted to go short and she couldn't believe it! She was very excited by it all and just before we went to Cape Verde back in August, she chopped off my sister's hair and Fiona went really short actually shorter than mine but I was so obsessed with it. I wanted a change and honestly feel like a new woman!

I also love this outfit as well, if you have been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for some time you may have known that I have had this pinafore and it still is my favourite. It was from Topshop and I bought in the January sale but now I absolutely love wearing it with blouses like this one in the photo. This one is vintage but Bowler Vintage in York, do some amazing things and I am always finding some gorgeous treats in their.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and have a great week whatever you are doing!

Lottie x

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