Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Slowing Down As Life Continues To Go

The importance of being offline is truly the greatest thing especially if you spend your time on social media whether that is because it is to do with your job and you have a platform or whether it is just for personal reasons. At the end of the day we all have to look after ourselves and remember we are only human. Everybody needs time to just think and breathe, we all need that. Some people just don't slow down and life just continues to speed up and then things end up crashing down. Everyone is different, I like to think I'm that type of person who is calm despite situations that aren't. It’s funny how when you meet people and how differently some can be and others can be just like you but then others are completely opposite and their minds work in a way you just wouldn’t even think or dream off. That’s the beauty of life and people I guess. 

In this day and age (gosh I someone feel old saying that and I don’t know why) social media gives that impression to everyone that you have to be a perfect person and even Instagram has created filters that when you apply them if changes your skin and your entire face and you end up looking completely different. I must say I don’t like using those kind of filters and if I do use a filter it’s usually taken on HUJI cam app which I love! 

Here a few of my tips that I have been doing to stop being on social media..

1. Turn your phone off for a bit and have some time to yourself!
2. Step away from all the notifications from phone and spend time with your loved ones.
3. Your mind will thank you for doing this. At the end of the day your heath is what is important! The internet can wait and enjoy having time away from social media! 


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