Saturday, 16 November 2019

The Reason Why I Stopped Blogging And Why I Feel So Inspired

Hello you wonderful lot! How are you? I hope you are all well! Okay let’s down with the nitty gritty and explain where I have been. I must apologise about the huge gap between my last post on October and now.. I have had laptop issues and hoping my new PC will be coming next week! I am praying I really am! I have been absolutely lost without it.. no blogging, no nothing and here I am typing this on my phone. My new phone as well (YAY!) Before we get into that I have some many blog posts coming & I cannot get to actual type probably because it’s not much fun doing it on your phone! I have been on brunch dates with my friends which I have loved! Last weekend was lovely I went to Brew & Brownie in my hometown York which I adore and I’m ALWAYS going on about it !! Leanne  Juliette my beautiful friend has never been before and I thought it was the best place for us to go plus she is now Vegan and they do some great things ! We had a lovely long chat about everything .. her business, her YouTube & blogging which got me thinking about what my goals are.

I would love to be able to start IGTV videos very soon and now with my iPhone 11 Pro Max I can do this which is so exciting as I love watching other people’s & have always wanted to start my own. What works for my friend is her YouTube and that is something that she is so passionate about. She has a certain fire inside her body that she knows she is going to hit so many subscribers! She can see it and that’s what I love about her! She is such a strong person!! Myself I would love to start creating videos as I love fashion, beauty & vintage. I am obsessed with it all and it has been pondering my mind to actually just do it but it takes guts.

I’m always wanting to improve myself, learn new skills & make my little space on the internet just a little bit more amazing! The best thing about doing it as I get so much pleasure and joy from it, I also love seeing you; my readers enjoy the blog posts as well! That’s what it’s all about, you have to enjoy what you are doing just as much as others are! By the end of mine and Leanne’s brunch date I felt so inspired and it was a fabulous feeling! The poor staff must have hated us as we were in their for ages but even had a cheeky little cake after as we just could not resist! #sorrynotsorry hehe! After all it was Sunday.. and it was lovely!

Before long I will be back doing regular posts very soon! However whilst I cannot blog regularly please make sure you are following my Instagram! as I always post!


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