Wednesday, 11 December 2019


Happy December you wonderful bunch of people! This post is slightly later than I wanted it to be but it is here and let's welcome festive season! Who loves Christmas? and the head up to it? I feel like Christmas is different for everyone and so many people adore this time of the year and others love Christmas after the mad rush of people buying gifts. I honestly feel it is different for those people who are having to work through Christmas and New Year, the people who work for the NHS and retail, you guys are our heroes and what would we do without you! You all deserve a Christmas. I work at a GP surgery and we don't really get a lot of time off, I'm lucky enough to have this coming week off w/c 16th December and I am very happy about that! My Christmas starts on Friday night after 6pm and that excites me so much as I can finally do my own things without being at work, apart from next week off I'm working Christmas Eve till 6 and then I'm back the day after Boxing day which is slightly annoying but I also have New Years Eve off too. I don't really do an awful lot but it is nice to have some time off, I hate going back to work when all you want to do is eat lots of food and watch Christmas films.

I found some vintage Christmas photos on Pinterest which I loved and really wanted to share them on here as I feel like this post will be festive after them!

Lottie x


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