Sunday, 22 December 2019

Looking Back Over The Year

Looking back over the past 12 months is a time to reflect and think about the things that have happened in 2019. For myself, I feel like I have just floated along but then I look back and thing maybe it was the year to do that. Life is a funny old thing and I feel like now I'm getting older and turning 28 in January, where I am going. I have some many things that I want to do, and so many more skills I want to accomplish in 2020 but then I would also love to find happiness, finding someone his hard and even though I am online dating I feel like that hasn't worked so far but I will keep pursuing it. Something I have never had is actually having a group of friends. Work has changed so much in the last year and we have gained a brand new reception team and so many people have joined and it is great. I love meeting new people, getting to work with them/socialise with them and actually get to know them which is great.

I haven't as traveled as I would have liked too but then I went to Cape Verde in August for a week with the family and had the best time in the sunshine and it was heaven! Just a few weeks ago I went to London with my sister and that was great aswell and I haven't been there in so long. Travelling is hard when you work, you cannot just jet off and go places (I really wish I could though). I never really set New Year resolutions but I think it is a good thing to think about a few goals you would perhaps want to achieve or do by the end of the year, You then have no pressure and you can please yourself. It is also a time to think about what we want to do differently in the next year, by doing this it keeps ourselves feeling motivated and focused and concentrating on us instead of us other people. As we can get distracted by what others are doing. I turned twenty seven this year and that made me realise wow I am getting old and where is the time going, my twenties are flying by and it is very scary. Because I'm turning twenty eight in January, just under a month's time I want to be able say I a have done this, even if I haven't found anyone yet but come on 2020, I just want to find the right person. I promise I aren't that fussy but I have a few things that has to be  MUST for example someone that is at least taller than me as I'm 5ft11. I'm grateful as always to be able to document my thoughts on here, my little corner of the internet which I love and turning five years in February next year which is madness and cannot believe how fast it has gone. I have really loved this year's blogging journey, it has been a mix of all kinds of different posts, I have focused a lot on beauty but that was because I found myself liking a whole new kind of look I guess you could say and with that I found my niche and I'm pretty happy with that. I also love doing review's of products aswell, something I want to work next year is vintage inspired posts as I feel like I haven't talked about that much on Lottie's Lott.

As I write this post, it is two days before Christmas Eve which is so exciting but now after been off for a week, I do not want to go back especially as the majority of people have finished for Christmas and the New Year. It's okay, I haven't got too long and I'm all organised too so no more wrapping, I have my outfit for Christmas Day and it is the same dress that I wore on Friday for my work Christmas Party but some different earrings.

I will be doing a blog post just before the end of the year with my goals/hopes and dreams for 2020 but Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful humans out there who follow my journey whether that is reading my blog, or follow me on Instagram/Twitter. I just want to say I appreciate it and wouldn't be still sat here doing this for nearly five years if it wasn't for you all. I get so much joy and happiness doing this and I'm always wanting to create new content for you all, or even try out IGTV/ YouTube, Last Monday, I met up with a friend of mine who I met through work, Leanne and she has given me so much inspiration and thoughts about creating videos which is something I would love to be able to do and in the process of coming up with some video ideas. But like anything, it all takes planning but it is definitely something I want to achieve next year.

Lottie x


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