Thursday, 19 December 2019

The Week Before Christmas And Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

It is official I am in the Christmas spirit and I am very excited about it. I love Christmas, I love everything about it but this year I haven't been feeling it, not sure really but something changed this week whilst I have been off and now all I can think about is finishing on Christmas Eve and letting it begin. It really does make a difference when you have the week before Christmas off as I wasn't planning on doing a lot but instead I have been busy all week and I've really enjoyed it. So Sunday, our Christmas tree went up, I mean just look at the photo's, it is so pretty and I love having a real tree. On Monday I met up with one of my lovely friend's I met at work and she is such a sweetheart (Leanne) it is funny how you meet people and you just get on. She is such a creative person and this is what I love about her, she knows what she wants and she is knows she is going to get there, she has also helped me so much with my blog and what I want from it and other things that I have been interested in. We just spend our days at Brew and Brownie - a cute little place where they do amazing food and it is perfect for Leanne as she is vegan and because I go in all the time and recommend B&B to everyone they all seem to know me ! (oh dear.. yes I know what you are thinking). Anyway we ended up going to the bake shop next door as there was a queue and got in straight away which was even better than having to wait 20 minutes!

We had a lovely time and it was great to catch up especially as she is off work too (YAY for holidays) and it is so nice to actually not see each other in our work clothes too haha, it makes a difference and I feel like myself when I'm wearing my own clothes and I truly can be me. It sounds daft but it can really change how you feel about yourself. Also I had some lovely compliments off my friend on my outfit which was bog standard in my opinion.. let me show you guys.

It was just a oversize jumper which I tucked the front into my jeans and it was ever so comfy. I also paired it with my black jeans from Topshop, I think they are the Orson jeans which I must say I really like them and I haven't had them that long. I also love my boots from Office Shoes too which I got in the Black Friday Sale a few weeks ago.

So, Tuesday was the day I headed into Leeds as I had booked to get my nails by the wonderful Alice.. she does an amazing job and I am forever happy with them. I must say it was a cold and icy day but once I got to the train station it was fine, I went solo and it was all fine! I even dined solo which was an experience.. I actually didn't mind it and was quite content, I also fancied a Bills Breakfast when I got there so I wasn't going to say no to that!

And after that I finished my Christmas shopping and got the train home. Wednesday was probably the worst day of the week (weather wise) as it was freezing but I went to the gym in the morning and it was great. I ended up doing some wrapping when I got home as today as I am writing this is Thursday and I met up with some of my friends Jess and we went to Wagamama's and exchanged Christmas gifts. We had a feast and it was great..

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Can you believe that it is nearly 2020. I mean honestly where has 2019 gone!? 

Lottie x


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