Wednesday, 1 April 2020

My Favourite Spring Outfit I Have Been Loving And My Thoughts About The Week

Hello friends, how are we all doing? I really hope you are all well and looking after yourselves. I apologise for the lack of content on here but I just haven't been feeling myself, I don't want to go into so much detail on the current situation (that's a phase I keep using a lot) as I feel like everyone wants to escape for a few minutes and just watch or read something that takes your mind off being at home constantly and not being able to go to work. I spent my week at work, answering the phones, replying to emails that patient send to us, doing our very best on the phones which let me tell you have not been great at all, people ringing up because they are poorly, people ringing up for advice regarding COVID-19. It gets to a point where you cannot really give out anymore advice then what the Government are saying. Everyday changes and everyday something new changes, at the minute we found today that four members of our team we won't see till when this gets better which is a massive loss and I was very sad. We are also working out about perhaps working from home, everyone has been so busy doing E Learning training but somehow we are getting there and working from home a day or so a week will be interesting but something that we have to do at the minute. What I have been doing recently to take my mind off things is watching YouTube videos, catching up on shows I have missed such as MasterChef and Liar. I am also watching Belgravia on ITV which I love, thanks Erin for getting me into it! It is amazing and I though my old work gal pal Aurelia would love it too. I also have not stopped listening to music, I want to start cleaning my room and re organising things as it is something productive to do at the weekend.

Apart from what is going on, I have been trying to make myself feel better by wearing some of my favourite outfits and it automatically changes my mood and just gives me a bit of boost. If you didn't know I bought a high neck top a month or so ago by Saturday By Megan Ellaby which I absolutely love and if you haven't followed Megan then you really need too. Her style is FABULOUS and very unique which you can see why she created the gorgeous Ziggy Neck High Top Blouse and she has done a final restock, so if you do want this blouse, grab it whilst you can! I am forever posting photo's on Instagram and I love it. I recently bought another one purely because I fancied two and I wanted a bigger size as they are quite tight and the Medium was short in the body so I went for the Large and it fits amazing and I'm wearing it in this photo! This outfit is also perfect for Spring when the sunshine decides to stay around and I'm definitely excited to wear it out one day. I love the packaging, everything comes in tissue with the cutest sticker of her brand logo.

I also have been ordering some more beauty and skincare bits which is just my usual things but I'm thinking about doing a blog post about them very soon. Writing this post has made me feel just a little bit better in my mood and has definitely cheered me up a bit..

Lottie x


Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Uncertain Times But Trying To Be As Positive As I Can

I'll be honest, I have been thinking what to write, I feel like I have been quiet and haven't been myself. 2020 has greeted us with a new arrival the Coronavirus which is putting life on hold for people all over the world, to the point where trips have been cancelled, people have been told to stay indoors and now we have been informed that we are in lock down, it is very scary but unfortunately some people are not listening and this is why this has happened. Work has been an absolute nightmare and no one really knows what is going, we go from doing one thing to then being  in different rooms. Our workload is another level and even though we don't have a lot of staff we are doing the best we possible can. If you didn't know I work for the NHS at a GP surgery, you can imagine how extremely busy we are which is why I am rather happy that our extended hours has stopped at the moment which means finishing every day at 6:15pm. I hope you are all keeping safe as it is the most important thing right now and somehow we can get through this. I wish things were back to normal, I hate it, I have felt so much anxiety recently and that is not like me at all! But I am trying to think of positive thoughts and trying to stay calm as I feel that is what you can only do.

Before we went into lock down and when we were informed to self isolate/social distance I went to the gym for the very last time and then on Friday 20th March we were informed that David Lloyd's Gym was shut due to the government and that our memberships were put on freeze until they reopened, it is so weird being at home and knowing you cannot go anywhere. I am definitely going to use my free time on a weekend to read more, tidy my room, do a spring clean and even clean my makeup brushes.

Something that I have learnt during this uncertain time is to take breaks, it really is that simple. At the moment I'm constantly looking at my computer screen and it really isn't good for you. Go grab a drink, go for a little walk if you can and perhaps have something to eat. It really makes you feel better in yourself and even if you are working home this is a must! You need time away from your work space and once you have returned you feel like a new person. I would also say another important one is connecting with loved ones, neighbours and just seeing if they are okay whether that is a simple call, FaceTime and just making yourself known to them. We have to help everyone and we are all in this together.

Lottie x

Sunday, 8 March 2020

February Favourites I Fashion, Lifestyle And Old Hollywood

Hello you wonderful brunch and welcome to a February Favourites which I am rather excited to share as I have SO much things to go through. February has come round super quick and cannot believe it is pretty much over.. where on earth has the time gone!

I thought I'd kick start things off with a fashion blogger called Megan Ellaby who created another collection for her clothing line Saturday By Megan Ellaby and I watched the IGTV that Megan herself did the day before she launched her new pieces. I was pretty much obsessed with this gorgeous top, introducing FloydThe Floyd High Neck Top. It is a long sleeved cotton top with a psychedelic waves in blue, green and white. I just love the print and it is ever so retro and very unique and I was drawn to it straight away. I was very impressed with the delivery as well and didn't take that long to arrive. I've had Floyd, for a few weeks now since it was launched and it is something that I don't want to wear all the time as it is just so nice but I recently have been finding new ways to style it and I love it so much.


Next up, is an oldie but goldie and I love it. It has to be one of my FAVOURITE knit's to wear over the winter as it is just so warm and cosy. You can dress it up however you want too whether that is keeping it classy or just wearing it simple with jeans! I always love to wear my chunky 1960s inspired hoops with this jumper which I got from Topshop. This jumper was also from Topshop but you can get similar ones!

If you didn't know I LOVE American Pancakes and Brew And Brownie in York where I live do the very best and today I ate these gorgeous banana, honeycomb and all the chocolate sauce it was amazing. 

Bettie Page is one of my absolute favourite icons, she was a pin up model in the 1950's and back in my early days of blogging I did do a post about this beautiful women. She is know for her bangs, #bettiebangs that is where they come from!

This lady Francoise Hardy is a sixties queen and I love her Parsian style so much. She was so beautiful, naturally beautiful and just love her classic style.

Lottie x


Sunday, 1 March 2020

Reflecting On February

Hello February, how are you nearly over and how has this month been filled out with so much wintery horrendous weather. Wait, hang on it is still winter but why are we getting so much heavy rain and terrible storms.. no no no !! just keep me inside till it all blows over, I wish. But apart from the glorious British weather, I have been filled with so much inspiration, in fact it has made me feel so much different about what other content I want to create. If you haven't seen my recent post called On Wednesdays I Wear Pink I talked about my catch up with one of my friends who I met through work, Leanne and she is also a content creator and we talked so much about different platforms such as Pinterest as that is another way to create amazing posts. I have definitely been really enjoying blogging and it all I can think about on a daily basis, if I'm not posting on Instagram then you will find me scrolling on Pinterest. I just find it is such a relaxing way and if you have finished binge watching series on Netflix and you fancy a break then Pinterest is the way. I have been absolutely loving Locke and Key which is an original series which is so good, its a thriller and I could not stop watching it. It has ten episodes and I am hoping they will do a second series very soon.. I hope! Other than I haven't been watching anything else on Netflix but on ITV I have been loving Liar on catch up. I would recommend both of these, I am quite tempted to re watch Suits as I haven't seen the last two series and gutted it came to an end last summer. 

I have been absolutely loving the 1950's inspiration especially when this gorgeous retro cars appear whilst scrolling down and I am in love with them. Could you imagine going on a date and then seeing them turn up in a car like that.. your night would have been made! This is why I love watching old pictures.. and listening to music like Frank Sinatra and Matt Monro. 

Lottie x


Wednesday, 26 February 2020

On Wednesdays I Wear Pink

Blouse from: & Other Stories.
The Glitter Button Up Blouse

On Wednesday's we wear pink, but what about Sundays? So, last weekend I was in Leeds getting my nails done at Urban Chic Beauty in Leeds and Alice was doing my nails as always.. yes change of location but still not that from John Lewis and anyway I headed to And Other Stories as I still had some Christmas and birthday money to use and bought two pretty blouses one being this GORGEOUS blouse which I am wearing, I wore this on Sunday when I met up with Leanne and we headed to Brew & Brownie (our favourite place) and ate some yummy pancakes which were not Vegan and Leanne is but she was having a non vegan day and wanted the pancakes and she loved them. Now the question is are you a sweet or savory kinda gal when it comes to pancakes? I think if I show you a photo you guys will definitely know the answer to that question..

We had a really good catch up and it was lovely to not be at work also which is pretty much where we see each other on a daily basis haha! Anyway the blouse is a light pink which I love and if you are not a fan of pink, don't worry because they do have it in an off white colour, it also is a collarless blouse with the cutest buttons you ever did see and it is full of stripes which is incredible.. and the sleeves well you cannot go wrong with a subtle puff just to finish it off.


Can I just say that the UK prices for these blouses are £65.00, a little bit pricey but I really do love the fit!

Lottie x

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Five Years Of Blogging On Valentines Day

A couple of days ago when I write this was Valentines Day and it was my five year blog anniversary! I mean how exciting is that to think Lottie's Lott has been here for this long, I cannot believe my journey so far and how I absolutely love still writing and still enjoy the weekends when I have time to blog, it really is the best. I started this blog when I was working Next after loving reading blogs such as Zoella and now Louise Pentland (Sprinkle Of Glitter) and I just wanted to do something different to all of the beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs and video's people were creating. 2015, was the start of my vintage journey and why I love it so much now. Don't get me wrong, I do not wear vintage all the time but I like to find pieces that are retro inspired and the best thing about having a blog is I get to document my favourite things, products that I may not love and sharing the best vintage inspiration that you will ever see and something I have been doing for the last 2 years was my feelings and life.

I never felt so scared in my life as Lottie's Lott was the real deal which is something that excited me as I wanted to make it the best I could. It has been a place where I have documented my feelings and what has been going on with life, the loss of my grandparents was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with especially when they both pass away a year after each other.. they are my reason for everything I do, I know they are always looking down and in my heart forever and they are the reason why I adore vintage. My favourite era will always be the 1950's, even though I love the 1960's so much but my heart just loves how classy and sophisticated the fashion was then.

Over the years I have made a few changes to the layout and at the moment I am pretty happy with it, I also love playing with the different fonts and just making it how I want to look like. I want to thank you all so much for reading and following my vintage journey, whether you aren't such a fan of vintage but enjoy reading the beauty and lifestyle posts, I want to thank you for being apart of Lottie's Lott and the journey we are sharing together. Remember to follow me on Instagram as I am always posting on there on a daily basis and you can see what I get up too on then.

I don't know where Lottie's Lott will take me however I just like to create content and thank you for following me and my journey. Please share the love and leave comments below because I love hearing from you all!
Lottie x

Beauty And Skincare Products I Have Been Loving I JANUARY FAVOURITES 2020

Hello friends, how the devil are you all. Today you find me talking about a few skincare and beauty products. Some I have loved and perhaps some I wasn't so keen on but found new ways to love them.
I hope you will understand that these products may work for me but may not work for you. everyone has a different skin type. If you didn't know my skin type is normal, I do tend too notice my skin feeling dry in the winter months and do have a little redness around my nose but other than that nothing else.

I begin with a product that I have absolutely loved which is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, I actually have done a full review on this product so make sure you check it out but I have just repurchased another CC cream and I really love it. Would definitely recommend!

Next up is a product that I wasn't so keen on at first but have found a way to use it and now I cannot get another of it. It is the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint and it pretty much does what it says on the bottle. So it is very lightweight and ultra thin formula which evens out the skin's apperance and leaves feeling very dewy and a smooth finish. I love to mix it in with the CC Cream by IT Cosmetics and I find it leaves your skin feeling perfect and still leaves your skin feeling fresh and natural. More skin, less makeup.

Another product by Glossier which I love is Futuredew, it is an instant dewy glow that lasts on your face. I like to use Future Dew as the last step in my skincare routine and then once I have applied it, it gives a lovely glow to the skin and it is a great way to begin your makeup. You could even use it as a highlight. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and I really like it. Probably my favourite product from Glossier. Plus it works very well with the skin tint.

Next up is a brand I love and that is Milk Makeup. They are an American brand like Glossier however you can buy their products on Cult Beauty which is very good. This makeup product is a lip and cheek and it is so easy to apply and comes in so many different shades.

Milk Makeup is very similar to Glossier, all for skin and not a lot of make up however their lip and cheek products are incredible. I have the lightest shade which is called Werk and it is a dusty rose which is so pretty on your cheeks aswell on the lips. Such an affordable product and I think in the USA you can actually buy the mini's but unfortunately they don't sell them online on Cult Beauty which is a real shame.

I have been mixing up my cleansers as I was trying to find one that left my skin feeling clean and not rid of makeup. I love Emma Hardie skincare and I like to treat myself to that if I'm going on holiday as it is perfect for when you are away but for day to day at home, it has been a struggle. The Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser is lovely for a second cleanse however for a removing makeup it isn't that good and I picked myself up the It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cleanser and I like it however it stings my eyes which is not nice and that is the only that has put me off, apart from that it is a very nice cleanser.

The last product I tried was the Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup Melting Butter Cleanser and I absolutely love this. It is the first time I have tried Drunk Elephant and I really love how this cleanser makes your face feels so fresh and even though it doesn't have a sense to it is. I would repurchase this!

Lottie x


Sunday, 2 February 2020

Reflecting On January I Monthly Reflection

Hello you wonderful bunch! How are you all? I hope you are all okay and have a good first month of 2020. I cannot believe January is over, and when I'm writing this it is the 1st February. January tends to be the month where people tend to dread as everyone pretty much as no money, it's a month where people think about their achievements of the year we have just had, thinking about their goals of the new year. People seem to go on a health kick, at the moment it has been Veganuary and everyone seems to go mad. If you didn't know January is my birthday month which always excites me as it is a month after Christmas but at the same time it means I'm trying to save my money just so I can enjoy celebrating my birthday and I had my birthday a week ago last Friday. It was great despite me getting so much older but 2020 is the year for me, the year to do new things, experience new things, I want to develop my self more and do something in 2020 and look back and think yes I have done that and I'm pretty proud of myself. 

I feel like I've already made such a difference and we are a month in, I've definitely blogged more in January then I did in 2019. I want to create new content and have filmed a little IGTV video, it's short but I like it. I haven't uploaded it yet but I will be doing very soon. It's made me feel anxious and slightly nervous as I'm thinking 'what will people think?' plus I want to be different, I don't want to do the same old thing that others are doing. Thinking about the reason why I started a vintage blog was because I didn't know many people that did them, I wasn't really into beauty and fashion as I am now, I was into wearing makeup but then I was working at Next and wasn't earning a lot of money and was very much into Benefit and drug store make up. I was loving my fashion but hadn't started wearing vintage, I loved Topshop, was starting to branch out into Zara. I think when Lottie's Lott was created, my journey was about Old Hollywood Stars and the 1950's. Now it is about everything I love and passionate about. I now as a 28 year old women would absolutely love to branch out into IGTV and I love the idea of creating little beauty videos and then adding some music to them.

Since I lost my grandparents, a year after each other I always want to make them proud, even though they were always proud when they were here, it is a funny old feeling but it's different now because they aren't here with me and everyone of course has their own views on this but I always like to think they are in heaven and looking down on us (myself and my family) and smiling and are always in our hearts. So they are my inspiration in absolute everything I do, they are my hero's, forever and always.

I hope you have had a good January and a good to start to this new decade, new start to 2020.

Lottie x

Sunday, 26 January 2020

First Impressions of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream I Is It Worth The Hype? Honest Review

If you guys did not know I adore makeup! I spent every second of every minute scrolling through Cult Beauty or IGTV looking at people's make up video's to get some inspiration. I wish, I had the money to buy it all but I'm pretty happy right now with what I have. Having said that towards the end of 2019 I started watching IT Cosmetics UK Instagram Page and fell in love with the UK and Ireland Brand Ambassador Rose Gallagher's make up tutorials. Last week I was looking online and decided to buy the IT Cosmetics CC cream which Rose loves and so does so many people! It is their best seller and I was very intrigued as to see why. So, I ordered mine on Boots website and ended up using my points to but the CC it was great but now I have no points left! Now before I begin, I have the lightest shade which is fair, yes I have very fair skin and I love glowy make up. I am a big fan of natural, light coverage make up, I love the saying 'less is more' when it comes to make up because that is very true. I hate anything that is too thick and looks cakey. I love to be able to see my skin. Anyway lets get into this review..

Key Benefits

It delivers 7 benefits, all in one:

  1. Full coverage Make up
  2. Anti-ageing with SPF 50
  3. Brightening colour corrector
  4. Hydrating
  5. Pores appear reduced
  6. Reduce the look of lines and wrinkles

IT Cosmetics recommends you apply 1-2 pumps of the CC Cream to clean skin and buff the product into the skin using circular motions all over the face. Also Your Skin But Better CC cream is also available in CC illumination SPF50 and CC Matte with SPF40 finishes.

I was a bit concerned that the formula would be too thick when I applied it onto my skin but it wasn't.. and I was very surprised by that. I have seen so many YouTubers/Bloggers  use it and really like. I only applied 1 pump and it worked great because I was able to mix in my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter and that made a really nice dewy combination. It is also nice on its own however I do feel like they could bring out some more shades as I honestly think that the shade I have which is the lightest one is probably quite dark for some people. This is what love about Too Faced as they bring out so many different shades and you cannot go wrong. The CC cream is £31.00 which I think is quite expensive but the packaging is really good and you do get a lot of product so you cannot go wrong! I also love how it comes with a pump so it is very easy to apply.

Would I purchase again?

I would 100% recommend the CC Cream to anyone who perhaps wants to try something new, who likes full coverage and even if you like a glow it still leaves your skin feeling fresh. It also doesn't make your skin look cakey and thick, That is one of the things I look for whenever I'm on the hunt for a new foundation/ complexion booster.

Of course, whatever works for me, may not work for you. I am very fair and prefer a dewy, glowy finish. If you have been following me on here for a while you may have seen a few of my absolute favourite beauty products which I go back too all the time and I use them every single day.

Some people love the full face of makeup and I must say I do my own version of that using the CC cream and I love it just as much. Sometimes it is also nice to mix in the CC and the concealer together and create a lovely base for your make up, leaving your skin with coverage but still looks like you are wearing hardly any makeup. I go always go by 'less is more' when it comes to beauty.

Have you tried anything makeup or skincare product from IT Cosemtics and if so, what did you all think?

Lottie x


Twenty Eight

On Friday, 24th January it was my 28th birthday and I've had the best weekend celebrating! I honestly cannot believe I'm two years of thirty.. honestly where has my twenties gone! I feel like it has past by so fast but then its crazy to think I've been on Earth for twenty eight years, a large proportion of those years have been spent daydreaming and finding myself. So much has changed in the last few years, good and bad, some better and others for worse but life is a funny old thing and not everything is going to be 'perfect'. I'm still growing, still don't have as many friends as I would and never been in love but that's okay. I hope, I'll find him soon and really hoping 2020 is a great year. There is so much I want to achieve and do, I'm definitely making the most of this year! I spent my birthday morning at the gym which was a gorgeous day, blue skies and glorious sunshine.. I was extremely happy to be not working. I then, met my sister and went to Designer Outlet and ended up going to Wagamama's. We then stopped off at Cafe Nero and I could not resist getting a Cappuccino!! I spent the evening at home with my family and it was lovely!

On Saturday, I had a lazy morning and wore this gorgeous jumper from And Other Stories which my sister got me for Christmas 2019 and I love it! Then I ended up re doing my makeup, yes that is right I took it all off with the Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser which I bought last week to try and so far I really love and have noticed such a difference. Anyway, I applied my favourite products again and had an outfit change and I was ready to go out for food and drinks with my family. It was a really good night and I had booked a table at Marzano's, Fossgate in York which is an independent Italian but I would 100% recommend if you live in York or visiting it is a great place to go. We had  bread and olives to start and a meat platter which I forgot to take a photo but it was filled with salad, sun dried tomatoes and even more olives!

For Pizza, I went for a Marzano Special which had a mixture of toppings, mushrooms, pepperoni and cheese and tomato. It was delicious and would recommend it if you like trying out new pizza's. We then went to The Market Cat for drinks which was great and I have never been there before.

You can also shop this blouse above which my sister got me for my birthday! I love it.
Zara Embroidered Plumetis Blouse

I have had a lovely weekend celebrating and have been out with my friends today which has been great. I love catching up with them and we always have the best time.

Lottie x

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