Monday, 28 December 2020

A Little Photo Diary of My Christmas Day 2020

Merry Christmas you wonderful lot! Hope you had a fabulous day however you celebrated it under these circumstances. Here are just a few photos of how I spent Christmas Day 2020 with my family, I was lucky to have Christmas as always with my parents, my sister and my grandparents (my grandparents are in our household bubble) which was lovely as always! Above is what I wore on Christmas Day, yes we always get dressed up at Christmas it is the best! The dress is from And Other Stories and unfortunately it is 2 years old, I bought it for Christmas Day 2018 and actually wore it then but could not resist wearing it this year!

Lottie x

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Happy Christmas Eve Eve And What A Year 2020 Has Been

It is the most wonderful time of the year! 

I absolutely love this time of the year, it is just too much fun. The food is heaven, the home is cosier, the clothes are full of glitter and sparkle and the music is louder! Everything about this time pf year fills me with joy whether that would be sprinkling cinnamon onto each and every hot drink or even battling the shops.

Despite 2020 being such a dreadful year for everyone, pretty much everyone has put their Christmas tree's up early, the lights outside make everyone feel so festive, the shops re opened beginning of the month and on Saturday night (19th December) the South were all going into Tier 4 which is absolutely heartbreaking that people cannot go and spend time with their loved ones. I am grateful to be in the North where I can spend Christmas with my family. My heart goes out to everyone who are struggling and cannot be with their loved ones, normally Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for a lot of people. It is just too much fun, the food is naughtier, the home is cosier, the clothes are sparkles and the music is louder! Everything about this time of year fills me with joy, the Christmas markets, the Christmas parties, heading to the pub, eating out, being able to be with your family and friends. Unfortunately that isn’t the case this year and it is very sad that we cannot have work Christmas parties, being able to look around the markets, seeing the lights, Carol singing. We have to be grateful for the year we have had, it has been a challenging year for everyone in their own different ways, it’s been a year that has made me realise to appreciate everything! The simple things that you take for granted like being about to go into town, eating out with friends, family and going on holiday! The precious things which got taken away, told to stay inside, work from home if we could (I did at the beginning for a bit), not able to mix with others unless they were in your household / bubble. We have to appreciate we are still here, still living and to remember we are all in this together! It is not over yet, it is going to take a while for people to be vaccinated, for being to go on holiday as the cases are rising, people are unwell. All it takes for people to wash hands properly and keep your distance from others! The virus will be here with us forever but we need to be able to manage it and I definitely think it will be better once people are all vaccinated. You never know hopefully one day we can go to gigs, get our hair done and head to the shops without wearing masks!

As 2020 ends, I am thankful for being a part of the NHS, having a job yes I would have loved to have changed jobs but it was too risky to not. Let’s hope 2021 is that year as I will be 29 which is just too scary to even process! Grateful that whilst I was working through lockdown I started making IGTV’s and reels! Would love to start a YouTube channel but it’s thinking what content I can create that is different and 2020 was the year I started buying Saturday by Megan Ellaby clothes and been lucky enough to have been featured on their Instagram a few times! 

Sending lots of love to everyone! Let’s up this time next year things will be a little bit better! 

Lottie x


Sunday, 15 November 2020

A Time Before We Entered A New Lockdown.. I A Mini Week Update When I Had Some Time Off Work A Few Weeks Ago


Hello, hello, I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to share a post of a few of my favourite outfits and a little catch up on things. I was on holiday October half term and it was great, now when I say holiday I mean annual leave also know as out of the office and it was fantastic. It rained so much but that just meant I could cosy up on the sofa and watch films all day and not have to think about work. I also managed to get the gym during the day and I love being able to go mid morning as you have the rest of the day and you don't need to rush either. 

This outfit, the one I like to call a 'Double layering of animal print' is my Monday outfit of the day, it was something I had so much fun styling, I basically wanted to wear the tiger print shirt which is old but from Topshop but wanted to wear a top underneath and then though of the Saturday By Megan Ellaby Janey high neck top and boom I loved it and gave me all the vibes for the week. I wish I could wear colour in my day to day work uniform every day. 

I then had a play around with the most gorgeous vintage coat that I have in my wardrobe and I had music playing in the background whilst taking some snaps of this Bowler Vintage coat or known as now Bowler and Betty a vintage shop in York. I must say I haven't been in since they changed the name.. and I am not even sure if they sell original pieces anymore.

I would normally style with a classic coat or even a leather jacket if  it isn't too cold but you can really dress this kind of outfit up, you can have fun layering any shirt or high neck top and wear whatever coat/jacket you like depending on what kind of look you are wanting to achieve.

After taking these photos, it suddenly got very gloomy, dark and miserable.. then the rain started and I ended up heading to John Lewis for a little wander with my mum and then we both got absolutely drenched as we left and then to Next however we didn't stay that long as it was getting busy. 

Then spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Queen's Gambit on Netflix which I am still watching as I am writing this but absolutely loving it. Have you seen it? I would recommend if you are wanting to watch something new and especially as Lockdown 2.0 hits tomorrow. (Thursday 4th November 2020)

Next up we move to Tuesday where I went to the gym so didn't take an outfit picture but after the gym, I had some lunch and then headed home and catched up on TV, I have been watching Nadiya Bakes, it is easy to watch and she makes some amazing bakes! She is one talented women.

Moving away from food to fashion and it was the coolest brands birthday, 2 years since Megan Ellaby launched her clothing line Saturday and I shared these pictures above of me styling their pieces. I am obsessed with anything colourful and retro and I am all for those vibes. I am very excited because Megan has some new pieces coming out sometime in November and I have seen a few pictures and they seem very 70s and I am loving that era right now. 

Wednesday arrived the middle of the week and myself and my sister Fiona went shopping into town to buy a Wedding Anniversary card as it was they have been married for 30 years, It was on Tuesday 3rd November 2020 and before we got the card we went to Pizza Express for lunch and it was lovely, we got there early, we were sat right by the window and could see the river and it was just great.

The pizza's were so good and we also had dough balls too which are always so yummy but I apologise I forgot to take a photo however I did take one of our coffee's! My outfit was very autumnal, I wore a black turtle neck and a lovely shirt all from Zara but didn't button it up so you could see the necklace and I just loved it! Thursday was a gym day and I went late morning and then went just after lunch so I didn't really take an outfit post and when I got home I watched some more of The Queen's Gambit.

Friday came around and I wanted to wear a cool Ziggy vibe outfit to the finish the week off so I wore a old Saturday By Megan Ellaby top with all the cool retro star prints and my David Bowie tshirt I bought from Topshop back in 2017. I went to Robinsons in York which is such a cool place for brunch and they do amazing food. 

Lottie x



Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Vintage Monthly Favourites

Happy Vintage Monthly favourites! I love these kind of posts, to be quite honest I have not done one of these in a very long time but one of the reasons why I love my little space on the internet is to write about some of my favourite icons. I want to begin with a 90s icon, she is someone who I have mentioned on her a few times before and yes you have guessed it.. Kate Moss. Kate, she is possibly my favourite 90's model and most importantly an icon. I love her young modelling photos and her fashion style it is definitely an era that you can get inspiration from. Next we have a photo of John and Paul, two of my absolute favourite human beings ever.  You know that I'm a huge fan of The Beatles, especially George Harrison he is my fave and he was super talented. I adore photos of George and Pattie when they were on their honeymoon, they look so in love and such an iconic couple in the 1960s and last but not least Ringo.

I hope you are keeping well and having a good October!

Lottie x


Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Styling Statement Knitwear

 As much as I love Autumn and Winter I'm not ready to dig my long winter coats just yet but I had too as the weather has changed massively which means the knitwear is back in my life and that is not something I'm complaining about. I love jumpers, anything cosy makes me happy. In York, we have said goodbye to the autumnal sunshine and we have been blessed by lots of rain which it is not much fun at all and that is probably one of the worst things I hate never mind the dark nights. I haven't had chance to buy any new knitwear recently as I haven't been going into shops as much as I would have been but this year is a totally different situation and shopping online for jumpers is not something I like doing. I love walking into shops and having a browse and then normally like to try on things but as we all know that is something we cannot do at the moment and who knows when we will be able to do that again!? So instead I've been bringing out the old knits which is not a bad thing because I absolutely love these kind of jumpers especially the  ones from & Other Stories which is this gorgeous knit I'm wearing in this blog post. It is such a fabulous colour and I love bringing it out every year. I've had this jumper two years but seems like yesterday when I bought it, it was an expensive piece but something I can see wearing for a long time and they last so long. 

I love oversized jumpers like this one and I have a few more which I absolutely love. I do have one from Topshop which I recently posted a photo of me wearing it the other day, it is another classic jumper and I still love it. 

What kind of jumpers do you love wearing this time of the year? I love oversized because you can style them however you want, tuck them into your jeans or even trousers and even layer them.

Lottie x

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