Sunday, 2 February 2020

Reflecting On January I Monthly Reflection

Hello you wonderful bunch! How are you all? I hope you are all okay and have a good first month of 2020. I cannot believe January is over, and when I'm writing this it is the 1st February. January tends to be the month where people tend to dread as everyone pretty much as no money, it's a month where people think about their achievements of the year we have just had, thinking about their goals of the new year. People seem to go on a health kick, at the moment it has been Veganuary and everyone seems to go mad. If you didn't know January is my birthday month which always excites me as it is a month after Christmas but at the same time it means I'm trying to save my money just so I can enjoy celebrating my birthday and I had my birthday a week ago last Friday. It was great despite me getting so much older but 2020 is the year for me, the year to do new things, experience new things, I want to develop my self more and do something in 2020 and look back and think yes I have done that and I'm pretty proud of myself. 

I feel like I've already made such a difference and we are a month in, I've definitely blogged more in January then I did in 2019. I want to create new content and have filmed a little IGTV video, it's short but I like it. I haven't uploaded it yet but I will be doing very soon. It's made me feel anxious and slightly nervous as I'm thinking 'what will people think?' plus I want to be different, I don't want to do the same old thing that others are doing. Thinking about the reason why I started a vintage blog was because I didn't know many people that did them, I wasn't really into beauty and fashion as I am now, I was into wearing makeup but then I was working at Next and wasn't earning a lot of money and was very much into Benefit and drug store make up. I was loving my fashion but hadn't started wearing vintage, I loved Topshop, was starting to branch out into Zara. I think when Lottie's Lott was created, my journey was about Old Hollywood Stars and the 1950's. Now it is about everything I love and passionate about. I now as a 28 year old women would absolutely love to branch out into IGTV and I love the idea of creating little beauty videos and then adding some music to them.

Since I lost my grandparents, a year after each other I always want to make them proud, even though they were always proud when they were here, it is a funny old feeling but it's different now because they aren't here with me and everyone of course has their own views on this but I always like to think they are in heaven and looking down on us (myself and my family) and smiling and are always in our hearts. So they are my inspiration in absolute everything I do, they are my hero's, forever and always.

I hope you have had a good January and a good to start to this new decade, new start to 2020.

Lottie x

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