Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Uncertain Times But Trying To Be As Positive As I Can

I'll be honest, I have been thinking what to write, I feel like I have been quiet and haven't been myself. 2020 has greeted us with a new arrival the Coronavirus which is putting life on hold for people all over the world, to the point where trips have been cancelled, people have been told to stay indoors and now we have been informed that we are in lock down, it is very scary but unfortunately some people are not listening and this is why this has happened. Work has been an absolute nightmare and no one really knows what is going, we go from doing one thing to then being  in different rooms. Our workload is another level and even though we don't have a lot of staff we are doing the best we possible can. If you didn't know I work for the NHS at a GP surgery, you can imagine how extremely busy we are which is why I am rather happy that our extended hours has stopped at the moment which means finishing every day at 6:15pm. I hope you are all keeping safe as it is the most important thing right now and somehow we can get through this. I wish things were back to normal, I hate it, I have felt so much anxiety recently and that is not like me at all! But I am trying to think of positive thoughts and trying to stay calm as I feel that is what you can only do.

Before we went into lock down and when we were informed to self isolate/social distance I went to the gym for the very last time and then on Friday 20th March we were informed that David Lloyd's Gym was shut due to the government and that our memberships were put on freeze until they reopened, it is so weird being at home and knowing you cannot go anywhere. I am definitely going to use my free time on a weekend to read more, tidy my room, do a spring clean and even clean my makeup brushes.

Something that I have learnt during this uncertain time is to take breaks, it really is that simple. At the moment I'm constantly looking at my computer screen and it really isn't good for you. Go grab a drink, go for a little walk if you can and perhaps have something to eat. It really makes you feel better in yourself and even if you are working home this is a must! You need time away from your work space and once you have returned you feel like a new person. I would also say another important one is connecting with loved ones, neighbours and just seeing if they are okay whether that is a simple call, FaceTime and just making yourself known to them. We have to help everyone and we are all in this together.

Lottie x

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