Tuesday, 28 April 2020

A Little Photo Diary Of My Most Favourite Inspiration.

I have been absolutely loving finding the perfect inspiration recently and have been posting them on my instagram feed which I am obsessed with at the moment. I hope you have been enjoying them and I think it is a really nice way to take your mind of things and just enjoy looking at some of your
favourite styles, icons or dreaming of the a lovely bunch of flowers.

I wanted to a do a little photo diary as I haven't done one in a long time. perhaps last year but here we go. I also get the photos from Pinterest and I spend my days not working scrolling through and saving them onto my phone. I get so much happiness from doing that especially right now.

Lottie x

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

It is Saturday which I am forever grateful especially in these uncertain times, because I'm still working I look forward to having two days just to do whatever I want to do and at the minute that means putting on a fancy outfit and wearing some make up. It honestly makes you feel so much better in yourself and gives you a boost that you need, last weekend I spent the whole day make up free which was lovely but then by the end I put a little bit of makeup on and it gave me that glow that I was looking for but my face needed that time just to breathe. I'm sorry I've haven't posted since Easter.. what is wrong with me. My mind hasn't felt like blogging, I've been very occupied doing IGTV's and already have two up which I filmed a couple of weeks ago, I also have just finished editing another one. However I do want to still keep blogging as I have missed it and it feels good to be sat here typing away, apart from what is going on at the moment who is loving this gorgeous Spring weather! Feel like the weather has been hit and miss in York and the Southern's are getting all the glorious sunshine but it is still warm! I had a tidy up last weekend, I was needing a tidy of one of my wardrobes as it was pretty messy and I am not a fan of mess I must say so I felt so much better. It was my own capsule wardrobe and I really like it. I ended up moving the majority of my knitwear into the shelves and then re folded my scarfs and gym wear.

I ended up going for a walk on Sunday morning which was lovely as the sun was so hot and then sat out in the garden for a little bit and had a late morning coffee! The afternoon was spent re watching The Handmaid's Tale as the weather changed and it was so cloud and cloudy which mean't another outfit change from shorts to jeans and a jumper.

One of the best highlights of my week is the NHS clap on a Thursday night at 8pm, it really is great and the whole street gets together and it is such an amazing thing to do! I must say I am looking forward to some time off, I have the end of May booked off for the week as I was supposed to be going to Scotland again, I went last year and had the best time but will be nice to have some time off from work just to relax minus the bank holidays. However I have 2 more days booked off which were for working Easter and they are in 2 weeks time plus we have just been informed that now we have Friday 8th May off too so that is even better! I honestly cannot believe April is over but hope you are all staying safe and keeping well. Sending lots of love to you all at this difficult time.

Lottie x


Friday, 10 April 2020

Easter Weekend At Home And A Weekly Catch Up

It is Good Friday as I am writing this but it doesn't feel like a bank holiday, probably because I have been working for the first time ever!! To be honest we couldn't just shut for the Easter weekend but it was okay because the surgery was shut to patients and the phones were pretty quiet all day which was lovely and even better I was working from home since 12:20 this afternoon. This week we started working from home and now we are all set up it seems to be working fine at the moment, I decided to have my office in the spare room.. I say an office it's just my laptop but it feels a bit more fancier. I do feel exhausted and very happy I can a couple of days of relaxing and eating chocolate, this week started really hectic and then the last two days has magically gone quiet and I'm loving it, I think we all feel tired and just need a break. Unfortunately I'm working Easter Monday but hey it could be worse right? A long day but I will get through it. Moving on from work, last weekend I had such a productive weekend, I woke up on Saturday morning and ended up going for a run which was amazing and I really enjoyed it. Such a good way to start off my morning and then I had a bath, washed my hair and wore one of my favourite outfits and then decided to film my first ever IGTV! I did my everyday makeup routine and I loved doing it! Now I want to do more.. what kind of things do you want to see?

Whilst I was on my run last Saturday and I came home to a Cult Beauty order and I was over the moon, I did a little skincare spree on Too Faced's new skincare range and one of their Melted Matte lipsticks which I have always wanted to try and I love them all!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter at home!

Lottie x

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

My Favourite Spring Outfit I Have Been Loving And My Thoughts About The Week

Hello friends, how are we all doing? I really hope you are all well and looking after yourselves. I apologise for the lack of content on here but I just haven't been feeling myself, I don't want to go into so much detail on the current situation (that's a phase I keep using a lot) as I feel like everyone wants to escape for a few minutes and just watch or read something that takes your mind off being at home constantly and not being able to go to work. I spent my week at work, answering the phones, replying to emails that patient send to us, doing our very best on the phones which let me tell you have not been great at all, people ringing up because they are poorly, people ringing up for advice regarding COVID-19. It gets to a point where you cannot really give out anymore advice then what the Government are saying. Everyday changes and everyday something new changes, at the minute we found today that four members of our team we won't see till when this gets better which is a massive loss and I was very sad. We are also working out about perhaps working from home, everyone has been so busy doing E Learning training but somehow we are getting there and working from home a day or so a week will be interesting but something that we have to do at the minute. What I have been doing recently to take my mind off things is watching YouTube videos, catching up on shows I have missed such as MasterChef and Liar. I am also watching Belgravia on ITV which I love, thanks Erin for getting me into it! It is amazing and I though my old work gal pal Aurelia would love it too. I also have not stopped listening to music, I want to start cleaning my room and re organising things as it is something productive to do at the weekend.

Apart from what is going on, I have been trying to make myself feel better by wearing some of my favourite outfits and it automatically changes my mood and just gives me a bit of boost. If you didn't know I bought a high neck top a month or so ago by Saturday By Megan Ellaby which I absolutely love and if you haven't followed Megan then you really need too. Her style is FABULOUS and very unique which you can see why she created the gorgeous Ziggy Neck High Top Blouse and she has done a final restock, so if you do want this blouse, grab it whilst you can! I am forever posting photo's on Instagram and I love it. I recently bought another one purely because I fancied two and I wanted a bigger size as they are quite tight and the Medium was short in the body so I went for the Large and it fits amazing and I'm wearing it in this photo! This outfit is also perfect for Spring when the sunshine decides to stay around and I'm definitely excited to wear it out one day. I love the packaging, everything comes in tissue with the cutest sticker of her brand logo.

I also have been ordering some more beauty and skincare bits which is just my usual things but I'm thinking about doing a blog post about them very soon. Writing this post has made me feel just a little bit better in my mood and has definitely cheered me up a bit..

Lottie x

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