Friday, 10 April 2020

Easter Weekend At Home And A Weekly Catch Up

It is Good Friday as I am writing this but it doesn't feel like a bank holiday, probably because I have been working for the first time ever!! To be honest we couldn't just shut for the Easter weekend but it was okay because the surgery was shut to patients and the phones were pretty quiet all day which was lovely and even better I was working from home since 12:20 this afternoon. This week we started working from home and now we are all set up it seems to be working fine at the moment, I decided to have my office in the spare room.. I say an office it's just my laptop but it feels a bit more fancier. I do feel exhausted and very happy I can a couple of days of relaxing and eating chocolate, this week started really hectic and then the last two days has magically gone quiet and I'm loving it, I think we all feel tired and just need a break. Unfortunately I'm working Easter Monday but hey it could be worse right? A long day but I will get through it. Moving on from work, last weekend I had such a productive weekend, I woke up on Saturday morning and ended up going for a run which was amazing and I really enjoyed it. Such a good way to start off my morning and then I had a bath, washed my hair and wore one of my favourite outfits and then decided to film my first ever IGTV! I did my everyday makeup routine and I loved doing it! Now I want to do more.. what kind of things do you want to see?

Whilst I was on my run last Saturday and I came home to a Cult Beauty order and I was over the moon, I did a little skincare spree on Too Faced's new skincare range and one of their Melted Matte lipsticks which I have always wanted to try and I love them all!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter at home!

Lottie x

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