Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

It is Saturday which I am forever grateful especially in these uncertain times, because I'm still working I look forward to having two days just to do whatever I want to do and at the minute that means putting on a fancy outfit and wearing some make up. It honestly makes you feel so much better in yourself and gives you a boost that you need, last weekend I spent the whole day make up free which was lovely but then by the end I put a little bit of makeup on and it gave me that glow that I was looking for but my face needed that time just to breathe. I'm sorry I've haven't posted since Easter.. what is wrong with me. My mind hasn't felt like blogging, I've been very occupied doing IGTV's and already have two up which I filmed a couple of weeks ago, I also have just finished editing another one. However I do want to still keep blogging as I have missed it and it feels good to be sat here typing away, apart from what is going on at the moment who is loving this gorgeous Spring weather! Feel like the weather has been hit and miss in York and the Southern's are getting all the glorious sunshine but it is still warm! I had a tidy up last weekend, I was needing a tidy of one of my wardrobes as it was pretty messy and I am not a fan of mess I must say so I felt so much better. It was my own capsule wardrobe and I really like it. I ended up moving the majority of my knitwear into the shelves and then re folded my scarfs and gym wear.

I ended up going for a walk on Sunday morning which was lovely as the sun was so hot and then sat out in the garden for a little bit and had a late morning coffee! The afternoon was spent re watching The Handmaid's Tale as the weather changed and it was so cloud and cloudy which mean't another outfit change from shorts to jeans and a jumper.

One of the best highlights of my week is the NHS clap on a Thursday night at 8pm, it really is great and the whole street gets together and it is such an amazing thing to do! I must say I am looking forward to some time off, I have the end of May booked off for the week as I was supposed to be going to Scotland again, I went last year and had the best time but will be nice to have some time off from work just to relax minus the bank holidays. However I have 2 more days booked off which were for working Easter and they are in 2 weeks time plus we have just been informed that now we have Friday 8th May off too so that is even better! I honestly cannot believe April is over but hope you are all staying safe and keeping well. Sending lots of love to you all at this difficult time.

Lottie x


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