Saturday, 30 May 2020

Another Week In Lockdown And Having Sometime To Myself

Hi all, I hope you are doing well and you have had a good week despite how everything is right now. It is such a strange feeling and even though I'm still working it has been so lovely to have a break! Originally I was supposed to be in Scotland last week till bank holiday Monday but of course it did not happen, instead I decided to keep my holiday and it has been one of the greatest things. Despite not be able to do much I have managed to film a couple of IGTV's and my current one which was a Full Face Of Glossier will be up as you are reading this. The weather has been glorious all week and I have loved being able to wear my own clothes, wear summery outfits and just sit in the garden. I have also enjoyed wearing different make up and just having some time to myself which  has been lovely to say the least. 

I have also been reading Normal People and so far I am loving it, I watched the series on BBC I player and really enjoyed it, it was a mixture of emotions I must say but the best thing about reading the book now is I can picture Daisy and Paul who play Marianne and Connell in the TV series as I am reading the book which is great. I can see them act in out and actually picture what they look. Usually I would prefer to the read the book first and then watch the series but with Normal People, I feel like it's easier the other way round. It has also been nice because my family have been at home too but my mum will be back at school next week so that will be interesting. 

Something else that has been keeping me entertained this week is Netflix and YouTube, I have been binge watching Next In Fashion and it has been amazing! I would 100% recommend it if you are wanting something easy to watch, I have also started watching Queer Eye which has quite a lot of seasons but wanted to start at the beginning. That is also very good and I believe the new season comes out in June so not long to go at all! I love watching YouTube videos, I love the Saccone-Joly's who do family vlogs, but I also enjoy The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles who are very much into beauty and fashion, they are very ordinary and just seem really lovely people. Over the last few weeks I have been absolutely loving Megan Ellaby's IGTV videos, she is such a fashion icon in the blogging world and her style is very unique. I saw a dress that she bought from Topshop and had to buy it as I was obsessed and needed it in my wardrobe. It's a perfect summery dress and I even ordered another one like it. 

The lockdown period is so strange and it is crazy to think I haven't been into town in nearly 3 months or even get the bus. It will be great when this is over but you really appreciate life and how important things are that we can take for granted.

Sending lots of love to you,

Lottie x


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