Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Styling A Few Of My Favourite Outfits I LOCKDOWN STYLE I

Hello everyone, how are we all? I hope you are doing well and keeping safe! I honestly cannot believe it is May already.. I had so many plans for this year, so many achievements that I wanted to accomplish however it has all gone out of the window because of the current pandemic but something that I ticked off my goal list for 2020 is making IGTV video's. It must have been a month now, I think it was Easter weekend when I decided to fill a makeup video 'My Everyday Makeup Routine' and I was anxious about uploading it but people seemed to loved it and I had so much fun making it, editing it and adding music to it. Please make sure you go and check it out if you haven't already..

In this post I wanted to show you a few of my favourite lock down outfits I have been loving, during this time I have been working, saving money and buying a few little beauty products but haven't purchased any new clothes recently until I saw the perfect white t shirt. I was after a new t shirt as you cannot go wrong with another white tee, I feel like they are an absolute must in your wardrobe and every girl needs one they are a staple don't you not think? Anyway, I had seen one that I fancied for a while by  Saturday By Megan Ellaby and I'm absolutely obsessed with her brand, just wish they didn't come with a price tag! But they are so worth it, so do you know what happened I ended up scrolling came across Nelly and I was sold. The Nelly Boyfriend Fit T-shirt is the loveliest white shirt, it is over sized and perfect for wearing loose or tucking it. I wore it on Sunday and I had it tucked into my favourite pair of jeans and layered it with another turtle neck blouse from the same brand which I have mentioned on here and my instagram a few times. 

I paired it with my a jacket that gives me the most vintage inspiration and it was one from And Other Stories I've had since 2018 but I love it! It is perfect for this kind of look and wore my converse but I would 100% wear this during the day, it's my own smart/casual vibe but still looking classy. 

This is another Saturday By Megan Ellaby high neck blouse which is so so retro, it has such a cool pattern and it's called Floyd. Unfortunately it is sold out but I do wish I had bought another one of these as they are a small fit but because I'm tall, it's short in the body and it rises it up which is very annoying but still love it. I love layering this with a white shirt or jumper but today I paired it with my Grease Pink Ladies tshirt from Zara which I am obsessed with it. I'm also wearing some fancy earrings from And Other Stories. 

Last up is an absolute favourite of mine, a vintage blouse and my flared jeans. I was actually very lucky to receive a message from Bowler and Betty (was known as Bowler Vintage and still prefer that name) to ask if they would share a photo that I posted on my instagram of their blouse. Of course I was over the moon!!

Lottie x



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