Tuesday, 16 June 2020


Hello lovely people, I hope you are keeping well as I write this blog post I have been back at work for 2 weeks now and we already in the second week of June which is so frightening how fast time flies. I should have been going to Scotland when it was May bank holiday (Whit Week) but of course due to Covid-19 that could not happen however I still kept my week off and had the best time just enjoying the gorgeous weather and even got a little tan! This was the week I started feeling very creative with my style and exploring what I have in my wardrobe already as well as getting new purchases. Whilst I was off I was  thinking about doing a gallery wall in my room filled with vinyls - I am excited about that so much! I came across the idea whilst scrolling through Megan Ellaby's home instagram and I thought it was the coolest thing I've ever seen. I absolutely love Megan, she seems such a lovely person and I'm obsessed with her style and just everything about her.

If you haven't read my blog or haven't caught up on my recent posts then you won't know but I have been layering up my clothes, it wasn't something that ever crossed my mind and I really do not know why but it's all thanks to Megan. I started buying a few pieces from her clothing line Saturday By Megan Ellaby only at the beginning of this year and one of them is the gorgeous Ziggy inspired high neck top with all the stars on it and reminds me so much of David Bowie. I love layering it with a t shirt, or even a jumper as well. In these photos above you can see I'm pairing it with shorts and converse as it was warm but definitely not as hot as it has been! I have a jumpsuit that it is on its way from And Other Stories and I will be wearing it underneath that. What I love is all of her clothes are sixties and seventies inspired and that makes my heart very happy indeed, I also love these era's and inspired by so many icons out there and I totally adore anything that has a story to it and that is filled with colour and prints that you can only imagine of wearing. I have always been a fan of Twiggy and Pattie Boyd styles and everything about their look, the make up, the hair, the outfits .. some of them were really out there but that is the reason I love vintage shops and wish we had more in York. 

I loved styling this blouse with a pair of shorts as it was so simple but turned out very chic and classy but still giving me those summer vibes especially now as the weather has turned awful and it will not stop raining! I picked the best week off to be honest, this was a very hot day hence wearing my cap but I like it and compared to the day after I did not realise how warm it was going to be and I ended up having to change as it was too hot in a high neck top. 

This high neck top is from Saturday By Megan Ellaby but unfortunately it is sold out but I love the pattern, it is very retro indeed and it is something different in my wardrobe which I have never had before. I LOVE finding pieces that are different and quirky. 


JEANS - SIMILAR Flared Jeans

The last look is my newest knit and when I bought this jumper I just did not want to wear it on its own. I wanted to layer it or wear it underneath a jumpsuit and when I was looking through my wardrobe I came across this gorgeous pink vintage blouse and I tried it on and I was in love with it. It just adds something else to your outfit and I got the inspiration whilst looking through Megan Ellaby's Instagram! Of course I had to wear my flared jeans which finishes 
the whole outfit off. This kind of style I haven’t really explored before but as soon as I saw my vintage blouse I knew it would be perfect. 

And there we have the last of my new pieces and exploring my style even more. I love all of these garments and quite a lot of these are very much from the 1960s & 1970s which I adore. I would also love to know which one is your favourite? 
Lottie x


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