Wednesday, 10 June 2020


Hello there and welcome back to another blog post. I do not think I have ever done a styling post quite like this but recently I have been very much into layering my clothes and I have been absolutely loving it!! Layering my outfits is something that I have never thought however it is the most perfect way to style your clothes and why on earth did I not think of it sooner. At the beginning of this year I started loving Megan Ellaby's style and watched an IGTV she posted on her clothing brand's instagram Saturday By Megan Ellaby' and I was absolutely obsessed with new Saturday pieces and it meant that they had to be an absolute must in my wardrobe and to be quite honest, I am very pleased with all of them. 

Last week my Joni T shirt arrived after having my eyes set on it for a few months it was my time to have this gorgeous slim fit Joni Tee in my life. When I bought this t shirt and wore it on Sunday it got me thinking that I wanted to style this baby up and do a blog post around styling up a printed t shirt. I have styled this t shirt three ways and we are going to start with the most simple way but one of the best ways of showcasing the tee. Let me tell you first about Joni, it is a gorgeous pink, red and blue psychedelic wave print T-shirt. It is a slim fit and is made from 100% super soft cotton and has the cutest clam to the back neck and probably the reason why I fell in love with it. You cannot beat a t-shirt that is super soft and has a pretty cool pattern can you? I also wanted to say is that this t-shirt retails from £35.00 which I know what you may be thinking, it is quite pricey however this garment is very good quality and this is why I adore it so much.

T-SHIRT - The Joni Tee

JEANS (SIMILAR) High Rise Jeans

A t-shirt this fancy is perfect for your wardrobe as it gives it a pop of colour that you may be searching for you to complete your look and it is a great staple to have. I also love a good high rise jean with a flare unfortunately And Other Stories do not sell this pair that I have anyone but I found some similar but just a lighter colour which I also really do like. A simple jean and t-shirt combination is a no brainer and you cannot go wrong but to jazz this Joni tee up I paired with a white blouse and I loved it. 

BLOUSE (SIMILAR) - Frill Blouse

A blouse is a must in my wardrobe and I honestly wear them all the time, they are great for wearing on their own or layering it with a t-shirt especially one that has a print to it. Last but not least I decided to grab a jumpsuit and wore the Joni tee underneath and just wore my converse and I absolutely loved it. I love jumpsuits and they are so comfy but yet so classy and just go with everything. This one is gorgeous and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and I had to try it out.

This jumpsuit is so flattering and it comes with a belt which is perfect because it has pockets and a pointed collar which I love and buttons at the front. I also love the design as because I'm tall it fits me great in the leg and it looks great with trainers or even heels. 

And there we have 3 ways to style the perfect printed t-shirt whether that is wearing it around the house or planning your next outfit when we can finally go outside. 

Stay safe everyone and I hope you are keeping well.

Lottie x


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