Saturday, 4 July 2020

What's Inspiring Me At The Moment

All photos in this blog post are from Pinterest.

Hello you wonderful lot, how are we all? In today's post I'm talking about inspiration that I absolutely love. Back in 2016 I started with a blog series and it was based on 'Style Inspiration' something that I am in love with and now more than ever I spend my days scrolling through Pinterest and it something that makes me feel content and I find it very calming and quite addictive. These photos are very simple, chic and classy and I love them. Lets start at the very beginning as it is a very good place to start, wouldn't you agree? These loafers, they are so gorgeous! I love these kind of shoes, I must say I don't own a pare of a loafers right now, I have funny feet and I have to get shoes that feel comfy as shoes just tend to rub my feet and it is the worst feeling in the world. Now, the next one is perfect if you are wanting to re vamp your home and get ideas and buy things that are similar or even cheaper and one day I would love my own place and the photo is giving me so much vibes, it is so light and fresh.
Self Care is super important and everybody has to look after themselves whether it is the most simple thing and pampering yourself on a weekend or during the week. Putting a face mask on, doing your skincare and getting a bath can me the most perfect thing to chill out and looking after yourself. Everyone's lockdown experience is so different but even though my time was spent working all hours the thing I enjoyed was taking my makeup over a long day at work, doing my skincare routine and watching a Netflix series or listening to music. That helps me chill out and also getting a good night's sleep, sometimes my body is craving an early night and that can make you feel 10 times better in yourself. Even putting a little bit of make up and putting on a nice outfit can also make a world of difference and that is what I love doing on a weekend even though there isn't an awful lot to do.

Alexa Chung is one of my favourite style icons and I absolutely love her. Her style is very unique, very retro and just cool. I recently watched a s show on Netflix (Next In Fashion) which she co stars in with Tan France. I love it and these two together are the best and absolute fashion queens of the world, I hope they do a second series.

This would not be a inspiration post without a beauty flatlay and it pretty much is filled with my favourite products. I am very much into a no make up vibe, I love fresh and natural products and this is why I love Glossier and Milk Makeup and I just find their products great to use and their packaging is just amazing. I'm always dreaming of big mirrors, gold jewellery and buying myself a new Chanel NO5 perfume, they are probably a few of my favourite things.

Lottie x 


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