Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Vintage Monthly Favourites

Happy Vintage Monthly favourites! I love these kind of posts, to be quite honest I have not done one of these in a very long time but one of the reasons why I love my little space on the internet is to write about some of my favourite icons. I want to begin with a 90s icon, she is someone who I have mentioned on her a few times before and yes you have guessed it.. Kate Moss. Kate, she is possibly my favourite 90's model and most importantly an icon. I love her young modelling photos and her fashion style it is definitely an era that you can get inspiration from. Next we have a photo of John and Paul, two of my absolute favourite human beings ever.  You know that I'm a huge fan of The Beatles, especially George Harrison he is my fave and he was super talented. I adore photos of George and Pattie when they were on their honeymoon, they look so in love and such an iconic couple in the 1960s and last but not least Ringo.

I hope you are keeping well and having a good October!

Lottie x


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