Monday, 1 February 2021

A Coat Edit I The Kind Of Outfit That Makes Me Feel Great!

TOP: Saturday By Megan Ellaby COAT: Zara EARRINGS: July Child Jewellery

Hello all, I hope you are all doing well, safe and trying to be positive I hope. Lockdown is going so slow and quite a lot of the UK have had flooding and lots of Snow. York, hasn't had a lot of snow but flooding yes we have. The River Ouse always bursts when we get too much rain and to cheer everyone up I wanted to share my new favourite coat, I was lucky enough that my parents bought me a new coat last Sunday when I turned 29.. still cannot believe that! Anyway I had no idea what I was getting so it was a massive surprise when it turned to be a coat. Not just any old coat too my friends.. and it is a coat which makes me feel great, actually this entire look makes me feel oh so wonderful and I cannot wait to share it. So without further or do, lets get into it.

Where shall we start, so the top I have mentioned it on here recently but it is a must in my wardrobe and is giving me all the retro vibes a girl could possibly ever ask for. Her name is Agnes and the colours represents my brownie uniform as a child and I'm digging it, it is honestly nothing such a funky top. But we have come here to talk about the double breasted faux fur coat and I adore it!!

The coat itself is such a gorgeous chocolate brown, it is ridiculously soft and one of the reasons why I love faux fur. I believe it was a pricey coat, I didn't buy it as it was a birthday present but it is in the Zara sale for £19.99 which is amazing!! It is double breasted and has black buttons and a lapel collar which I adore. Big collars are the best and bring another level to the garment don't you think? It is a thin coat but you can wear jumpers, hoodies underneath it and you can even wear it in Spring too! It is a must have for me and I just love it so much.

This outfit just brings me so much joy, it gives me all the most retro vibes anyone could possibly ever want. The coat is a timeless piece and I can see me wearing this next year too, I am very blessed to have this faux fur beauty in my life.

Sending loads of love to you all.

Lottie x


Sunday, 31 January 2021

Happy 29th Lockdown Birthday To Me I Photo Diary From Last Sunday

Hello hello hello! Happy Sunday to you all. A week last Sunday it was my 29th birthday and despite having my first ever lockdown birthday it was pretty great! I was very lucky and got some wonderful things and my mum made me a red velvet cake for my birthday which was so delicious and finished off the day having an Indian takeaway which was just the best.

Lottie x

Sunday, 24 January 2021

I'm 29 Today! 29 Things You Didn't Know About Me


Hello hello, it is my birthday! Wooo. Today I turn 29 years of age and I must say I feel slightly old and honestly feel like my twenties has absolutely flown by. It is scary how time flies but I am blessed to be hear, healthy and happy and that is what life is all about right?  As I'm getting older I realise how precious time actually is, and how valuable those lessons we learn the way really are. I am proud of my twenty nine years, and each year I feel a bit more like the person I'm supposed to be. 

Today I wanted to share 29 things that you didn't know about me so lets get started..


Yes that is right, I do no not. I always wanted one because growing up everyone I knew had a middle name but looking back it's just a name and to be honest nobody really uses them. Although I would my children one day to have a middle name that is for sure.


Just wanted to clear this up for anyone out there, my name is Charlotte. Charlotte Wharram.


I cannot cope with windy staircases or steep ones for that matter. I try to avoid them if I possibly can, they scare me and I hate going up and down feeling dizzy and feel like I'm going to fall. This of course includes roller-coasters. 


That is right my friends, I absolutely love Frank. His voice is something else, I love everything about him and do you know what it is all thanks to my Grandma and Grandad. My Grandad Tenny adored him and when I listen to Frank, it reminds me of those times that we used to listen to Sinatra together.. happy happy memories *insert love heart emoji here*


When I was growing up possibly from the age of 6/7 me and my sister loved collecting snails in the garden and we would put them in an old tin, made sure they had food, water and would look after them. I can understand why they weren't allowed in the house.


I love food, I always have. I love eating out at nice restaurants, going for brunch. I love trying new food and taking lil snaps of it. Oh, I miss those days. 


My mum has always loved music, she was brought up with music in the home, my grandparents love Frank Sinatra, and my Uncle has always loved the Beatles so I grew up loving them as my mum is such a fan/


I have a sister who's called Fiona and there's about 18/19 months between us.


True, my dad had a cat growing up and he was around when I was a baby, then we had goldfish and had a few hamsters but always wanted a dog. I would LOVE a dog so much but would also like a kitten.


Oh I would love to move out and have a flat of my own.. I would love a house too but that will be a long old wild before that happens.


How can you not? I love films, my favourites are Casablanca, Some Like It Hot, Skyfall and Forest Gump. But I love so many.


Do I need to say anymore, I hate them.


Favourite show! 


True, I love listening to a good makeup artist or a great beauty/skincare youtuber.


Absolutely! She does incredible skincare and I love her makeup, high quality but lasts a long time. 


I'm 5ft11, have been blessed with being tall, It has taken some confidence to say the least but happy being tall.


Oh it was magical, it was a long old time ago. I was 17, I was on a college trip. Would love to again and see more of what I wanted to see though.


I absolutely love it! I have the box set and every series minus the last episode is just amazing.


Yes I did! I was about 11/12 when it came out and I love them more now. Such a fan, 


I have always been a massive fan of Topshop and it is even better as it is British. 

21. I WAS BORN IN YORK, North Yorkshire, UK

I was indeed, the city is beautiful and all my family are from York apart from my Grandad's parents they were from Newcastle.


Oh I adore them,, old mini's make my heart happy. Love them all


I work at a GP surgery and even thought the job can be difficult it is very rewarding. 


Black is not my colour, I would never black on it's own. It's very dark and I'm very fair and it makes me look white. I love colour.


My favourite part of of a meal is a dessert. I love cheesecakes, sticky toffee pudding, crumble's, apple pies.


Pasta is not my thing, it is the texture which I am not a fan of, I do not like creamy sauces with pasta. It just is not something that I enjoy.


As a child, we rarely went to McDonalds, I remember loving the Flurry's but I was never bothered in their burgers.


I find flared jeans so flattering and I do not wear skinny jeans anymore.


I was born on 24th January 1992 but was actually due in February.

Lottie x


Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Stripes are nice.

Bonjour and happy Wednesday you crazy lot, I hope you are having a good week. I am in the mood to create blog posts and I absolutely loving my little corner of the internet right down. so I'm rather happy about that right now and it is making me enjoy my time when I get home and I can just sit down and write. How are you all? I hope you are well and I would love to know how your week is going? Today I'm all about stripes, oversized shirts and a relaxed look but still keeping it cool and letting the shirt do the talkin' and yes guys and gals I'm all about that vibe right now. 

This is shirt which I haven't mentioned on my blog in a really long time but if you have been following me for a while you will know that I have always loved a shirt. Shirts are a piece which I have always had in my wardrobe and I remember when I got this one for Christmas in 2016 I believe of my parents and I thought it was very unique and I loved how it had stripes on it. Something back then I didn't have a lot off and the fact that it was from Topshop made my heart very happy, I have always loved Topshop it is my favourite high street store and the fact that it is British says it all. I also love shirts that have pockets too which gives it a extra touch, I wore this shirt on my birthday in 2018 and I went to Bills with my friends and it was great, had a lovely day but I don't think I wore it much after that. I'm not sure really but it has always been a piece that brings back happy memories and I mentioned in my last post I had recently had a little wardrobe clear out but I could not get rid of the shirt and it made me realise how much I had forgotten I had it and how much I loved it. I love the colour, the style, the fit and how it works with absolutely everything and yet again you can wear it with a light jumper underneath and that is how I styled it at the weekend.

That is correct my friends, I wore this outfit last Saturday and I really liked it. I had a black jumper underneath, a thin one and then of course the shirt just to give me some extra warmth and just styled it with my jeans, converse and lastly a cap just to finish it off. It was simple, chic and classy but I felt good in it and do you know what, it was perfect when we are at home and no where to go. 

I honestly feel like I will have this shirt in my wardrobe for a long time, it is a timeless classic piece and that is what I look for in clothes. I like good quality which I know will last for a while, I have always been a Topshop fan and pretty much all my clothes were from them before I came across & Other Stories in 2018 and then started buying a few things from Zara and then last year where I was late to the party with Saturday By Megan Ellaby but Topshop is one of the stores I will always love and you can always count on it. I just wish they made the York store so much better. 

What clothes have you been loving recently? Are you a lover of stripes? I would love to know.

Lottie x


Sunday, 17 January 2021

Layering Your Outfit And Shaking Off The Winter Blues

Hello my loves, how are you all doing? I hope you have had a good week despite everything. Mine was okay, a little bit quieter week at work I guess that is because the students are at home at the minute, well the majority I believe. It makes a world of difference and can actually enjoy work more knowing it is so much more calmer. It hasn't felt so calm in a long time, I would probably say since Summer and then it has been busy ever since. However I always try to be positive and come into work with a smile on face, I take every day as it comes and I always love the weekend just because I can style up my outfit. I know we cannot go anywhere as everything is shut but what I enjoy the most is having a look in my wardrobe and finding another way of wearing my clothes. Reworking my clothes is something I am passionate about this year, instead of buying pieces all the time, I want to save my money and love the clothes I have in my wardrobe. Towards the end of 2020 I sorted out my clothes out and got rid of some pieces I wasn't loving anymore, they all went to charity and that makes me happy that someone will enjoy them just as much as I did. So at the moment I am really enjoying my clothes and I wanted to share with you my latest look, this time of the year is a firm favourite of mine. I love layered looks, it lets you add another level to your outfit and this is what I have done to this one. 

So, the outfit.

A colour that I added into my wardrobe last year was purple, I bought a beautiful high neck top from & Other Stories last summer in July when the shops were open and we had a bit of freedom. It has a long sleeves, a high neck but not too high which I love because you can even roll it down a bit if you wanted and such a gorgeous Paisley vibe to it. I worn this one a few times on its own with jeans but wanted to add something else to it and decided that my 70s inspired lilac Margot dagger collar top would look perfect with this paisley top. I tried both together and I loved it. As you can see in the pictures it really looks great and because the weather is cold it is a great way to be able to wear a top with short sleeves. 

Even a knitted jumper would look great under this top, another way of styling this outfit is adding a t-shirt to the mix. T-shirts as you know are a staple in my wardrobe and I absolutely love wearing them. I added this Saturday t-shirt over the top of the Margot Dagger Collar Polo and it looked super cool. Unfortunately it is sold out but you will definitely be able to find something similar, I just love the colours and it is a oversized tee which is the best for layering.

Winter outfits can just be as exciting even if we are stuck at home but perhaps you are working through lockdown like myself then you may look forward to styling up your favourite outfits and it may be a way for you to look forward to the weekend and forgot about what's going on (just for a little bit) and let your creativeness flow. You know that feeling of how to shake your winter blues.. 

Sending all the love to you all!

Lottie x


Sunday, 3 January 2021

Layer Player - How To Wear Tshirts As A Layering Piece In Your Wardrobe.

Hello my loves, how are you all doing? I truly hope you are all okay despite everything that is going on at the moment. I must say, I am looking forward to going back to work, I previously said in my latest post that I had about 8 days off just before Christmas and I must say it was absolutely great, I had such a wonderful break, I chilled out, lucky enough to spend it with my family and despite everything I had a blast. I went back to work on New Years Eve which actually was a rather nice shift, I thought it would have been busy but no it was not! Moving away from work, something that makes me happy is styling and wearing clothes which I utterly adore. I love colourful outfits and anything with a block of colour makes me heart happy. I love that retro feel and I am always drawn to that, definitely like to wear retro inspired clothes and that will forever be a part of me, Charlotte.

So moving on, it's time for the outfit. This one is definitely a favourite of mine so far and we are only 3 days into 2021 but oh my goodness you guys, I could not resist. The past year my style hasn't changed but I have been more confident in wearing whatever I like and I believe that if you love colour then you 100% have to wear it, no matter what people think, I know it is a clique thing to say but you only live once and you are only young once. You gotta' wear what you love and that is the most important thing. Even if you are reading this and colour isn't your thing, I want to show you that you can add some colour which will make your outfit just pop. It doesn't have to be big not all. 

Styling is a beautiful thing, if you are like myself and you work 5 days a week then you will know that the weekend is precious and I always look forward to it. I'm forever counting the days down and with it in mind this one of those outfits I would look forward to wearing.

A t-shirt is the most simple thing but for me it is such an important part of my wardrobe and I could not live without them, they are a piece that can give spruce up our outfit and make your clothes feel fabulous and all you may have done is just popped a t-shirt under something or putting it over a thin jumper. This is something that I learnt in 2020 by such a fashion icon Megan Ellaby - guys make sure you check her out on Instagram she is a clash queen who loves loves colour and I love watching her old YouTube video's they are great. So as you may know or if not she has a clothing line Saturday by Megan Ellaby, yes I am sorry I keep banging on about it but I'm obsessed with her new collection she brought out end of November 2020 - her most recent launch. The t-shirt I am talking about is a red and blue stripe tee, not everyone's cup of tea but I love it. It is perfect on it's on or you get wear under a jumper, a high neck top, a dress etc you name it and it will look great. I decided to wear it under one of Megan's high neck tops called Agnes which is a gorgeous dreamy retro gal's favourite colour combination and I believe inspired by a Brownie uniform as the colours are brown and yellow. Now with that being said, it is not too everyone's taste but I really love it. I would not have dreamed of putting this crazy colour combo together but the Saturday instagram and Megan's gives me so much inspiration I had too! 

Red & Blue Striped T-shirt - Both from Saturday by Megan Ellaby The Agnes High Neck Top

What is great about this outfit is you can still it up and still it down, you can wear bright trousers with it, giving it all the colour or you can wear it with jeans, a skirt whatever you want. There is so much you can do with it and whenever we get a chance to go on holiday again I am 100% packing this Jerry Williams inspired blue and red striped t-shirt in my suitcase because it would look perfect with shorts and a tan.

So there we have it, after my waffle we finally go to it but I hope it gives you some inspiration and gets you excited about what items you have in your wardrobe.

Sending you lots of love,

Lottie x



Friday, 1 January 2021

Happy New Year I Lets Hope 2021 Is Better For Us All

Happy New Year to everyone one of you and welcome to 2021! I am thankful for saying goodbye to 2020, yes it brought with it the Coronavirus which unfortunately we are still living with and I am hopeful that by the end of the 2021 that we all should be vaccinated. I hope with 2021 that we can all stay healthy, happy and that we take each day as it comes. 2020 made me realise how many things I took for granted and how much I appreciate it everything now, yes we are still living with it but hopefully things will get better eventually. All I want to do is to be able to go to Leeds have a wander in the shops, get my brows and nails done and to start looking at new jobs within the NHS. That was my goal in 2020 but of course that did not happen due to the circumstances, I enjoy my job but I want to do something else with my career, it has been a rollercoaster of a journey to say the least but I want to progress as a women who will be 29 in January that is something I want to achieve, I want to learn new skills, possibly a little bit more money and get a little place on my own. I am also wanting to move my blog to WordPress as it is a lot better to use and I feel I cannot do an awful lot with Blogger such as wanting to create my own theme as there are so many cool themes for WordPress but all the ones for blogger are pretty much the same, I also feel like I will have more control on my space on what I want to do. In 2020, whilst I was working during lockdown my shifts were changed so I had a lot of time to create IGTV video's mainly consisted of make up tutorials which I loved doing and something I want to keep doing in 2021, I also started creating Instagram Reels as well which I love and I want to continue being creative that way as it is a great way to advertise things and also show your audience what things you love etc. I am definitely going to start looking into creating YouTube Video's, they will most likely be fashion and beauty based but I do want to keep doing videos about vinyls as I think it will be interesting to do. Something I want to achieve is to start reading again, I go through stages of reading books and normally happens during the Summer when I'm on holiday but of course that has not been possible at the moment.

As for New Years Eve I will be staying at home much like everyone in the UK really unless you are in Tier 1 which I don't think many people are. I guess we can dress up to stay at home right? 

Sending you lots of love and good health to you all!

Lottie x

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