Friday, 1 January 2021

Happy New Year I Lets Hope 2021 Is Better For Us All

Happy New Year to everyone one of you and welcome to 2021! I am thankful for saying goodbye to 2020, yes it brought with it the Coronavirus which unfortunately we are still living with and I am hopeful that by the end of the 2021 that we all should be vaccinated. I hope with 2021 that we can all stay healthy, happy and that we take each day as it comes. 2020 made me realise how many things I took for granted and how much I appreciate it everything now, yes we are still living with it but hopefully things will get better eventually. All I want to do is to be able to go to Leeds have a wander in the shops, get my brows and nails done and to start looking at new jobs within the NHS. That was my goal in 2020 but of course that did not happen due to the circumstances, I enjoy my job but I want to do something else with my career, it has been a rollercoaster of a journey to say the least but I want to progress as a women who will be 29 in January that is something I want to achieve, I want to learn new skills, possibly a little bit more money and get a little place on my own. I am also wanting to move my blog to WordPress as it is a lot better to use and I feel I cannot do an awful lot with Blogger such as wanting to create my own theme as there are so many cool themes for WordPress but all the ones for blogger are pretty much the same, I also feel like I will have more control on my space on what I want to do. In 2020, whilst I was working during lockdown my shifts were changed so I had a lot of time to create IGTV video's mainly consisted of make up tutorials which I loved doing and something I want to keep doing in 2021, I also started creating Instagram Reels as well which I love and I want to continue being creative that way as it is a great way to advertise things and also show your audience what things you love etc. I am definitely going to start looking into creating YouTube Video's, they will most likely be fashion and beauty based but I do want to keep doing videos about vinyls as I think it will be interesting to do. Something I want to achieve is to start reading again, I go through stages of reading books and normally happens during the Summer when I'm on holiday but of course that has not been possible at the moment.

As for New Years Eve I will be staying at home much like everyone in the UK really unless you are in Tier 1 which I don't think many people are. I guess we can dress up to stay at home right? 

Sending you lots of love and good health to you all!

Lottie x


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