Sunday, 3 January 2021

Layer Player - How To Wear Tshirts As A Layering Piece In Your Wardrobe.

Hello my loves, how are you all doing? I truly hope you are all okay despite everything that is going on at the moment. I must say, I am looking forward to going back to work, I previously said in my latest post that I had about 8 days off just before Christmas and I must say it was absolutely great, I had such a wonderful break, I chilled out, lucky enough to spend it with my family and despite everything I had a blast. I went back to work on New Years Eve which actually was a rather nice shift, I thought it would have been busy but no it was not! Moving away from work, something that makes me happy is styling and wearing clothes which I utterly adore. I love colourful outfits and anything with a block of colour makes me heart happy. I love that retro feel and I am always drawn to that, definitely like to wear retro inspired clothes and that will forever be a part of me, Charlotte.

So moving on, it's time for the outfit. This one is definitely a favourite of mine so far and we are only 3 days into 2021 but oh my goodness you guys, I could not resist. The past year my style hasn't changed but I have been more confident in wearing whatever I like and I believe that if you love colour then you 100% have to wear it, no matter what people think, I know it is a clique thing to say but you only live once and you are only young once. You gotta' wear what you love and that is the most important thing. Even if you are reading this and colour isn't your thing, I want to show you that you can add some colour which will make your outfit just pop. It doesn't have to be big not all. 

Styling is a beautiful thing, if you are like myself and you work 5 days a week then you will know that the weekend is precious and I always look forward to it. I'm forever counting the days down and with it in mind this one of those outfits I would look forward to wearing.

A t-shirt is the most simple thing but for me it is such an important part of my wardrobe and I could not live without them, they are a piece that can give spruce up our outfit and make your clothes feel fabulous and all you may have done is just popped a t-shirt under something or putting it over a thin jumper. This is something that I learnt in 2020 by such a fashion icon Megan Ellaby - guys make sure you check her out on Instagram she is a clash queen who loves loves colour and I love watching her old YouTube video's they are great. So as you may know or if not she has a clothing line Saturday by Megan Ellaby, yes I am sorry I keep banging on about it but I'm obsessed with her new collection she brought out end of November 2020 - her most recent launch. The t-shirt I am talking about is a red and blue stripe tee, not everyone's cup of tea but I love it. It is perfect on it's on or you get wear under a jumper, a high neck top, a dress etc you name it and it will look great. I decided to wear it under one of Megan's high neck tops called Agnes which is a gorgeous dreamy retro gal's favourite colour combination and I believe inspired by a Brownie uniform as the colours are brown and yellow. Now with that being said, it is not too everyone's taste but I really love it. I would not have dreamed of putting this crazy colour combo together but the Saturday instagram and Megan's gives me so much inspiration I had too! 

Red & Blue Striped T-shirt - Both from Saturday by Megan Ellaby The Agnes High Neck Top

What is great about this outfit is you can still it up and still it down, you can wear bright trousers with it, giving it all the colour or you can wear it with jeans, a skirt whatever you want. There is so much you can do with it and whenever we get a chance to go on holiday again I am 100% packing this Jerry Williams inspired blue and red striped t-shirt in my suitcase because it would look perfect with shorts and a tan.

So there we have it, after my waffle we finally go to it but I hope it gives you some inspiration and gets you excited about what items you have in your wardrobe.

Sending you lots of love,

Lottie x



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