Monday, 1 February 2021

A Coat Edit I The Kind Of Outfit That Makes Me Feel Great!

TOP: Saturday By Megan Ellaby COAT: Zara EARRINGS: July Child Jewellery

Hello all, I hope you are all doing well, safe and trying to be positive I hope. Lockdown is going so slow and quite a lot of the UK have had flooding and lots of Snow. York, hasn't had a lot of snow but flooding yes we have. The River Ouse always bursts when we get too much rain and to cheer everyone up I wanted to share my new favourite coat, I was lucky enough that my parents bought me a new coat last Sunday when I turned 29.. still cannot believe that! Anyway I had no idea what I was getting so it was a massive surprise when it turned to be a coat. Not just any old coat too my friends.. and it is a coat which makes me feel great, actually this entire look makes me feel oh so wonderful and I cannot wait to share it. So without further or do, lets get into it.

Where shall we start, so the top I have mentioned it on here recently but it is a must in my wardrobe and is giving me all the retro vibes a girl could possibly ever ask for. Her name is Agnes and the colours represents my brownie uniform as a child and I'm digging it, it is honestly nothing such a funky top. But we have come here to talk about the double breasted faux fur coat and I adore it!!

The coat itself is such a gorgeous chocolate brown, it is ridiculously soft and one of the reasons why I love faux fur. I believe it was a pricey coat, I didn't buy it as it was a birthday present but it is in the Zara sale for £19.99 which is amazing!! It is double breasted and has black buttons and a lapel collar which I adore. Big collars are the best and bring another level to the garment don't you think? It is a thin coat but you can wear jumpers, hoodies underneath it and you can even wear it in Spring too! It is a must have for me and I just love it so much.

This outfit just brings me so much joy, it gives me all the most retro vibes anyone could possibly ever want. The coat is a timeless piece and I can see me wearing this next year too, I am very blessed to have this faux fur beauty in my life.

Sending loads of love to you all.

Lottie x


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