Saturday, 27 February 2021

My Blog Anniversary And A Good Old Catch Up

Hello all, sorry about the lack of blog posts this month. February hasn't been the greatest time for me but in a better head space than I have been and it has made such a difference. I needed that time away to focus on myself as things got in the way and wasn't in the mood to blog. On Valentines Day it was the anniversary of me creating my little corner of the internet - Lottie's Lott, can you believe it. I started this back in 2015 as place for me to share my love of Old Hollywood and my favourite era at the time 1950s. I absolutely love the 50s clothes so much, in fact I am obsessed with everything related to the fifties such as the style, the makeup, what they did, the challenges they faced and what things are like now compared to then. But as I started my vintage journey I came across the 1960s style, the sixties is an era I adore, I always have loved music from that era. My favourite band of all time started back in the 60s, if you have been following me on here for a while you will know that my favourite band of all time is The Beatles. My mum's side of the family love the Beatles and I started listening to them back when I was 7 years old and that is where the obsession began, now as a 29 year old women I appreciate their music on a whole different level and who wouldn't have wanted to see them live.. that would have been incredible. I remember a story that my grandparents told me of my mum's older brother, he was 4 years old when A Hard Day's Night came out at the cinema and my grandad took him to watch it and said that he was so excited to see the film he couldn't keep still! That was me when I bought the DVD in 2016 and watched A Hard Day's Night for the first time, it still brings me so much joy. 

Sticking with the sixties my favourite models from that era are Twiggy, Pattie and Jenny Boyd and Jean Shrimpton.. I mean of course there are so many more but these ladies are the ones that I love. Their style that inspires me to where colour, crazy makeup and wear the funkiest pieces on earth I mean you only live once right? I would say now my wardrobe is filled with 1960s prints and 1970s vibes and possibly a few 1980s garments however that is not to say that I do not love clothes from Topshop now apart of ASOS (gutted that all of the stores have closed as Topshop will not be the same but so happy they are a part of ASOS and you can still buy their clothes!) Zara, And Other Stories and Mango. I also love small business such as Saturday By Megan Ellaby - her designs are the best. 

To finish this blog post off, I want to thank you all for supporting me on here by reading my blog, now Lottie's Lott isn't just about Old Hollywood Styles, its about fashion, wearing colours, icons, make up and skincare and just things that I love.

Lottie x

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