Monday, 22 March 2021

Big Old Catch Up

Hello everyone, apologies regarding my absence over here, I haven't felt like blogging in the past few weeks but something exciting has happened and I cannot wait to share it with you however before we get into that I wanted to do a big old catch up with you all, I wanted to ask how are you all doing? I truly hope you are well and enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather that we have been getting recently. I mean about time don't you think? Life in lockdown is an interesting one, however restrictions are lifting a little bit in the next week as I am writing this and shops open on April 12th YAY which means so do hairdressers!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to get my hair cut, I was supposed to have an appointment end of February but of course that was cancelled. I also have had my second COVID-19 vaccination and I am so happy, I had the Pfizer injection again on Thursday. I must say my arm was really sore and it felt very heavy, I also felt very headachey but when I woke up the following day, I just had a sore arm and feel absolutely fine now. I am just glad to have had it done now and can look forward to some normal things again once more.

If you have been following me on Instagram you may have seen some of my favourite outfit posts I have been posting recently, well this outfit I am about to show you is an outfit I loved for a while, I love being able to shop my wardrobe and this entire look is me shopping my wardrobe. It is great being able to re wear the clothes you love, you really do not need to keep buying new clothes all the time and this one is bright, colourful and has some gorgeous pastel colours which is perfect for Spring. 

This outfit is based on a top that is all the colours of the rainbow and I bought it last Summer from Saturday By Megan Ellaby - unfortunately you cannot buy this one anymore but Megan has created some gorgeous pieces which I think you will truly love. Her brand is for people who love colour and just want to add something cool and funky to their wardrobe, I absolutely love them. Moving on to my favourite and the only red trousers a girl could ever want, these Topshop beauties are from 2017 and they are super retro and they just make everything look so cool. I then wore my white converse, I then wanted to change it up a bit so I remembered some trousers that I got from Primark also a couple of years ago and wanted to try it out with the rainbow high neck and I really liked it.  What do you think? It is different for me but even wearing a shirt over the top creates another level of layering which I love. You know me, I love a layering piece and to be honest you can layer anything really. Shirts and T-shirts are my thing and just completely change your outfit. 

I personally love it but of course the top is perfect just with jeans for more of a casual look but this is an outfit I am super excited to wear out of the house!! I have been spending a bit more time at home recently and I am missing the gym so much so I started doing Workout the Wright Way with Mark Wright of course and I really like them, he has been doing them for 6 weeks and I believe he finished them a couple of weeks ago but I love doing them, if you head to BBC I player they are all there and you can do whichever one you want too. They do not last that long so I like to do too but he does some great workouts and I would recommend. 

Thank you as always to everyone who is so supportive by reading this little space on the internet. 

I will be back soon with a new blog post.

Lottie x


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