Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Red And Pink Is A Fashion Combination I Just Adore I Styling Inspiration

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Hello there everyone, how are you all doing? It has been a couple of months since I last popped over to say hi and to be honest I never expected to take a break from blogging for so long, I needed some time away and I had just started a new job so I was getting into that and something I've never done before.  I work for the hospital so I'm still with the NHS and it is admin based so no more reception. Don't get me wrong, I liked reception but I wanted to progress and do different things and you cannot really do that if you work in a surgery unless of course you want to go into nursing and become a healthcare assistant. So I said goodbye and began a new journey in the middle of April as a Remote Surveillance Assistant and I'm enjoying it, it is not a job that I would do forever, probably a year or so and then move onto something else but I'm learning new things and it's nice to work in a small team and be along side nurses and see how it all works through the hospital. 

Apart from the new job, I've been heading to the gym again on a regular basis and enjoying the sunshine whilst it has lasted. As I'm writing this, the sun hasn't made an appearance in a while and it feels like Winter but praying we have some decent weather again soon as July is fast approaching.

Lets talk summer outfits - we may not be able to go travelling and everyone is heading to staycations but that doesn't mean we can wear summer clothes right? I've been trying to wear as many dresses and shorts as I possibly can whilst it's felt like a heatwave in the UK. These pink shorts are a new addition to my wardrobe - my sister gave me them and I had to wear them. They are a couple of years old I believe, from Zara and they didn't fit her so, I tried them on and I absolutely loved them. If you didn't know I love wearing pink and red together.. oh my days, it is a combination that you cannot go wrong with and it is the best clash ever. I know people who aren't a massive fan of print clashing but I am really into it and I love pink and red together, what do you all think? Also you cannot have too much pink either. Pink makes me happy and did you know you don't just need to wear pink and red on a Wednesday either!

Green has been a colour I am absolutely adoring wearing right now, I love mixing patterns together and different colours of green for example with this look. This bright green retro shirt is from Asos - the brand is called Stradivarius and I know it probably won't be to everyone's taste but it I am really loving it. I love shirts like this as you can wear them on their own, or with a t-shirt or even layer it up with a long sleeved top underneath. Layering - is such a great way of creating different looks with your outfits so you don't get bored of wearing them. 

I love the 70s vibe that this outfit brings and the shirt is going to be a piece in my wardrobe that I'm going to keep wearing.

Thank you as always for taking the time to read this post, I will be back very soon!

Lottie x


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